Harvey: $62,000 less for Christmas

Mile Square View confirmed late today CEO Spiros Hatiras is taking a 15% cut in salary for 2010 in his role at Hoboken University Medical Center.  In addition to the $60,000 in savings for 2010 to the hospital, he indicated some pressure applied at the last hospital board meeting on the former CEO Harvey Holzberg to waive the last month of his consulting fee for December.  MSV is confirming this is accurate and the hospital will save an additional $62,000 as a result.

There are several outstanding requests MSV is following up on.  We’ll keep you posted as it’s our hope the positive cooperation will continue.

Photo Harvy Holzberg courtesy Max Orenstein / Jersey Journal

7:02 Correction:  MSV initially indicated the savings from eliminating the final month of Harvey Holzberg’s December consulting fee was $64,000.  The correct figure is $62,000.  We apologize for the error.

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