Handing over the loot to Midtown Authentic

Haiti contributions after the devastating earthquake in the troubled nation is a noteworthy cause and the Hoboken community is certainly coming together to provide aid.  One particular effort noted by Hoboken Patch is raising eyebrows.  Although the process may have been improved, the initial call to give money to Rory Chadwick of Midtown Authentic drew some strong concerns among readers at MSV.  We received more than one email questioning the very concept of handing over cash to a third party when direct aid via the efforts of many well known organizations was easily available via the internet and your mobile phone.  We noted such efforts by President Clinton and encouraged such as the need to get money into the pipeline was essential in saving lives.

With that, we’re not sure how individuals track their taxable contributions giving cash to a third party.  We’re going out on a limb that City Hall won’t be encouraging such an unregulated enterprise.
By all means support local businesses making direct donations from their sales, but in terms of individual contributions, do what you can directly and indirectly where appropriate.
Godspeed to all our reader’s efforts on behalf of Haiti.

Photo: Recent fundraiser at the MLK celebration All Saints on Washington Street.
Courtesy Claire Moses /

Update: Some of the exchange with Rory Chadwick over at Patch.

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