Hack attempt on Da Horsey’s iPad?

Coming on the back of the possible hackery against Grafix Avenger, is said hacking part of a concerted effort to stop a legal defense or to force Hoboken’s reform oriented websites to shut down?

Grafix Avenger suffered loss of her main computer when it appeared to be hijacked by a force not her own (or her cat.)

Here’s video of what appears an attempt to break through Da Horsey’s iPad which is password protected. Since the Grafix Avenger story, MSV has taken additional steps to enhance internet security.

An old saying about our freedoms, the only thing protecting the First Amendment is the Second Amendment comes to mind. If that rankles, well I don’t see you standing outside guarding the gate.

During the Hurricane Sandy emergency after being twice assaulted with no warning or word said by a fishy minion of counte$$ (who stood by ignoring the violence not ten feet away) another hired minion would remark “It must be nice to have power,” letting it be known they were aware the stable had electricity.

How far or low will they go? Well that incident was months after the SLAPP was announced in a live City Council meeting in July 2012 two weeks prior to the day filed (and ignored by local media). Perhaps a bounty on Horsey is outstanding. The existing budget is said to be well into six figures and the ongoing political operation using the courts is according to some well heeled observers likely double that to date.

It’s the worst kept secret in the Mile Square but the silence among the fourth estate is a real howler.
Page three ads buy lots of complicity and that’s not the only “business” among the conspirators.

Here’s the video taken of the odd behavior with the iPad turned on all by itself but repeated actions entering codes fail to break through. There’s no external hands or hooves anywhere in sight. Perhaps there are unseen hooves on call acting on behalf of she who will not be named.

Was it a hack attempt or merely a ghost in the machine?

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