Guest of the Stable William Bayard: ‘Hoboken school choice policy ending’

As a parent of a soon to be kindergartener, the raging emotion of my peers has to do with the sudden decision by the school board to stop accepting “preference” choices in school applications. 
Whereas Hoboken used to be a school choice district, it now is not. The frustrating part of this move is there is no communication of what areas are sent to what schools. Nor is there a public acknowledgement of the strategy or change in policy. Just a very quiet decision and implementation. 
The downside is for families who live downtown and are subject to send their kids to Connors school which is decidedly the worst performing school in the district. 
Years past, parents would submit a few schools ranked in preference to send their child. That is removed from this years application and the town is moving people to “neighborhood” schools. They don’t want to publish this anywhere or face the backlash. They also won’t articulate what neighborhood streets would send to what school. 
As a Hoboken parent, all of this is very frustrating. 
William Bayard is a pseudonym. 
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