Guest of the Stable: Police Captain Ed Mecka

The following Guest of the Stable story comes from retired Police Captain Ed Mecka. 
MSV understands it’s been submitted to the mayor almost simultaneously.

Dear Mayor Zimmer:

I have reviewed the PBA funded analysis of the DLGS (Division of Local Government Services) audit of the Hoboken Police Department.

Unfortunately, I agree with the conclusions of Northeast Labor Consultants, Inc. that the DLGS report regarding first line “patrol” officers is based on errors, miscalculations, omissions, and contradictions.

Mayor, as a 28 year veteran of the Hoboken Police Department, I sincerely advise you to give the NJ DLGS the opportunity to re-evaluate their report with respect to the PBA analysis.

The DLGS report was generated under the same State Government Administration that routinely approved each and every one of the Roberts Administration budget gimmicks that ultimately resulted in Hoboken’s financial crisis.

Make no mistake about it, the only reason why the DLGS forced Hoboken to hire a “retired” DLGS employee as the State Monitor was to protect and isolate the DLGS from public scrutiny, and shield Gov Corzine from further public embarrassment during his re-election bid.

As you may know, I became actively involved in Hoboken reform politics in 1985. Since that time, I have been involved in countless reform issues. I am also a founding member of POG (People for Open Government).

During my police department career, I worked in Uniform Crime Reporting, NCIC/SCIC Terminal Access, Communications, Information Technology, Records, Internal Affairs, as well as several years as a pro-active Patrol Division Patrolman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.

Based on my years of “street and administrative” police experience WITHIN THE CITY OF HOBOKEN, I predict that the implementation of “your” proposed Police reorganization plan will result in “Zimmer” administration’s inability to deliver “adequate, standard of care” public safety services.

I respectfully caution you to tread carefully with respect to public safety. No matter what advice you take, it will always be the “Zimmer Plan.”

Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Captain Ed Mecka HPD (ret)

Talking Ed Note: Update – Ed wishes to note he comes from a police family and takes public safety very seriously.

His son is a three year member of the Hoboken Police Department.  He also has two cousins on the Jersey City Police Department, another cousin on the Nutley Police Department, a retired cousin from the San Jose, CA Police Department and a nephew serving in the Ocean County, NJ prosecutor’s office.

MSV had heard from Ed that a son was serving here in Hoboken.  We overlooked pointing this out and asked Ed for clarification and apologize for the oversight.

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