Guest of the Stable: Joshua Einstein on his BoE Choice

Board of Education Election

Valuing an open mind, I attended the first meet and greet by
Forward Together Hoboken, have talked with Parents United, and visited the
online presence of both tickets. I have no children, but every resident has a
responsibility to vote for the ticket they believe will make certain Hoboken’s
children get a good education. In the upcoming Board of Education election, I
believe Parents United is that ticket.
At the meet and greet Forward Together Hoboken held on October
6th I schmoozed with great people, some who I knew previously and
others who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, all of whom are
people who care about the future of Hoboken’s district school students. Yet in
the conversations I had, there were few ideas about what challenges the Board
of Education faces let alone how to address them. There was plenty of
discussion on how past BOE Trustees cleaned up the presumably bad budget
management even further in the past but no concrete plans for how to build a
brighter future for Hoboken’s children today. 
More concerning is that the
platform section of the Forward Together Hoboken website is lacking concrete
proposals. The list is a breakdown of action points the board of education
is already doing and that omits which trustees proposed or even supported which
efforts. Just as importantly, it fails to explain tax increases the trustees
have raised over the last 4 years as well as the ongoing lawsuit against
Hoboken students in the HOLA school.
Parents United, on the other hand, has made it clear they
are for all Hoboken students, that they want to double down on building a
bright education for Hoboken’s children, and that they are for community unity.
In my talks with this team of community leaders and by looking at their Facebook
page I have seen a group that, without raising taxes, believes more money can
be directed to students spending by indexing consultant compensation to
performance, by using some the over $5 million the Board of Education has in
the bank, and by better negotiating contracts. A team that will fight to ensure
funds are spent on students and that will not keep millions of tax dollars
parked for no purpose is what Hoboken needs.
From what I have seen of Parents United and Forward Together
Hoboken, both groups are made of good people. Our city should be proud to have residents
that care for its children and who have stepped up to the plate to put their name
forward for consideration by voters. I support Parents United and I look forward
to the ongoing conversation that is the school board election season; Hoboken’s
children and community deserve no less.

Joshua Einstein
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