Guest of the stable: Jim Aibel

I have been a Hoboken resident for over 30 years and a long-time, active supporter of the movement seeking good and responsible town governance.  It has been enormously gratifying to watch this movement eventually gain the backing of such a large percentage of the community and inspire new volunteers to join the effort to make Hoboken a model of good government.  The substantial response to the Administration’s call for volunteers to serve on the Zoning Board of Adjustment is, in my view, a clear demonstration that many community members are eager to roll up their sleeves and get personally involved.     

I am pleased to have been selected from a group of strong and very capable applicants to serve with the incoming and incumbent Board commissioners  in confronting the issues arising out of the continuing wave of residential and commercial development in town.  Creating diversified housing that will sustain our ability to keep growing families in town, developing open and park space, maintaining the character of the town, respecting neighboring interests, creating an appropriate mix of residential and commercial development, and providing real benefits to the community are among the many factors that we must consider while planning and managing future land use. 

Service on the Zoning Board presents a great opportunity to protect the community’s interests within the existing zoning and planning framework.  It also is a heavy responsibility, which I do not undertake lightly.  I was a partner in a Newark law firm and practicing litigation attorney for over 20 years.  During the last ten years, I have worked in corporate development and merger integration areas in a substantial New York-based financial services company.  I am a careful listener, have judgment refined by years of experience in resolving disputes and controversies of all types and intend to be a positive influence on the Board and a persuasive advocate for sound and good decision-making in the community’s best interests.

Talking Ed Note: Last Wednesday night, two Zoning Board members were added and alternate Jim Aibel moved up to full member.  

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