Guest of the Stable: Jake Stuiver – ‘Let’s work together for Hoboken and GOTV’

Dear friends,

As many of you may know, I relocated to the Philadelphia area in March and do not currently reside in Hoboken.
However, I’m not finished with the work I was doing there, and the stakes in next week’s election are astronomically high for all of us. Mayor Zimmer and her City Council team have been doing an absolutely incredible job of setting things on the right track, delivering on tax relief, responsible development, honesty and accountability in city government, flooding relief, and overall high-quality, responsive, engaged and professional local government. Mayor Zimmer and her team have stared down and defeated those who would return the city to the days of millions being stolen from parking-meter coffers and mayors being arrested for bribery with an alarming degree of regularity.
Without wasting any more time telling you what most of you already know about how good of a job the Reform team is doing and how important it is that they be re-elected to continue their incredible and tireless work, there’s one very important thing I need to share with you.
In this final stretch — the last weekend and days before Election Day next Tuesday, the campaign of Dawn Zimmer, Ravi Bhalla, Jim Doyle and David Mello really need your help. This is a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort, and while it is a positive thing that the elections have finally been moved to November, as they should be, an unfortunate by-product is that volunteers are generally busier and have less spare time on their hands than during the spring and summer. That is why it is so important that each and every one of you who cares about good government and defeating corrupt bullies who want to resume their family business of stealing from all of you so they can maintain lifestyles where they get to sit around in deck chairs on Washington Street all day and instead of working regular jobs like the rest of us.
In light of the challenges of maintaining the usual volunteer surge during this time of year, I am humbly and sincerely asking that you join me this weekend in donating some time to help the election effort. I will be driving up from Philly this weekend and working nonstop for the campaign until the numbers are tallied on Tuesday night. One of the things I have always loved about Reform campaigns is the friendship, camaraderie, fun times, generosity of spirit and united sense of purpose that ensues when we all come together around a common goal. Some of you I have met and become very good friends with purely through our work together on these campaigns over the years — campaigns that built on one another further and further to get us where we are today.
I very much look forward to seeing, catching up with, having fun with, and WINNING with all of you over the next week, and cannot wait to see you when I get there.
We all have many priorities — I have two kids, a small business and a new home that needs attending to — but we’ve come to far with all of this to let up now. Let’s all commit to managing our various obligations in a way that enables us to come together this weekend to MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!
Love to you all, and see you in a few.
Jake Stuiver was one of the leading voices in an April 2011 protest with dozens of Hoboken residents against
Councilman Michael Russo’s corruption captured on FBI surveillance tape with informant Solomon Dwek.

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