Guess who Ravi’s bringing to dinner?

Or, can you guess which major Hoboken board Mayor Ravi Bhalla has plans to install a race-baiting, anti-Semitic bomb-thrower?

Update: The correct board for Ravi Bhalla’s appointment is the Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board.

What will councilmembers Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour do?

April 2014 meeting transcript, HHA. In attendance, this editor was thrown out for politely protesting behavior at this same meeting.

This is the actual unedited transcript of what transpired featuring current Hoboken Housing Authority Chair and former councilman Dave Mello and Patty Waiters.

Waiters: “–and I’m going to do the right thing, okay — but I’m going to do the right thing, not the white thing. I want you to know it…”
Section 137:
Waiters: “You are out to get him.” (Her employer Carmelo Garcia.) 
Section 138:
Waiters: “It is disgusting that both of you came aboard with a dirty motive, and we are not letting it happen.” (Comment directed to HHA commissioners Sanford and Wefer.)
Waiters: “They got three new people to take those seats, Jewish, of course, okay, and those not race baited because they pulled you all from Morris County.” 
Section 139:
Dave Mello: “Show us some respect.”
Waiters: “I don’t have to respect you, because you are not respecting us.”
Mello: “I don’t appreciate anti-Semitism.”
Waiters: “… I don’t care.”
Section 140:
Waiters: “I’m showing facts… Why was I denied?”  (Reference to not being voted by the City Council to an HHA seat.)
Mello: “an employee (of) an Assemblyman of the State of New Jersey (Carmelo Garcia) should not be making in public anti-Semitic comments…”
Waiters: “Do the work. Do your facts. Go check and everybody is going through the contract, and tell me if everybody she hires is not Jewish.”
HHA audience: “That’s right.”
Section 141:
Waiters: “Yes or no? Yes or no?”
Mello: “I resent your anti-Semitic comments–“
Waiters: “– stop it already because—“


Confirmed: While Ravi Bhalla’s office remained mum on this story and request for comment, the Hobokenhorse story is confirmed.

Ravi Bhalla is seeking to appoint Patricia Waiters to a Hoboken board – Rent Leveling!

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