Gristy chewable: Police Chief Falco – ‘I’m suing Hoboken for overtime pay’

Late last night, a Hoboken resident not of the legal persuasion passed along some breaking legal news:

Anthony P. Falco as Chief of Police of the City of Hoboken and individually v.
Dawn Zimmer; City of Hoboken 3/18/2013 2:13 cv 1648
Cecchi (Newark)

Violation of civil rights and due process. Defendant Zimmer, the mayor of defendant City of Hoboken, has been relentless in trying to undermine the plaintiff and his authority as Chief of Police.  In addition the plaintiff is not protected by a collective bargaining agreement and defendant Zimmer has refused to provide the plaintiff with an employee agreement.  The plaintiff “doesn’t even know how many vacation days he is entitled to per year, or whether he will continue to enjoy health insurance or other benefits upon retirement.”

The plaintiff believes defendant Zimmer has animosity towards him because he was the lead investigator in a hit-and-run accident that killed defendant Zimmer’s father-in-law and, despite the plaintiff’s best efforts, the driver was never caught.


Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco earns approximately $180,000 annually and seeks overtime pay including for extra hours performed during Hurricane Sandy. He currently resides in Hoboken at Church Towers and is the top paid municipal employee in the City of Hoboken.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer released a statement saying, This is a personnel matter and ongoing litigation so I cannot comment, but on a personal note, I find it extremely unfortunate that Police Chief Falco has introduced my father-in-law’s tragic hit and run death into a lawsuit about his own compensation.”

Chief Falco was not reachable earlier and his lawyers did not return a call for comment.

Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco as pictured at a 9-11 ceremony
several years ago.

Update: Hoboken Patch today confirmed MSV’s “grist for the mill” story yesterday and says Falco is unhappy he was denied a uniform allowance of $1,300 and a sick incentive of $1,500.  The story says Falco is suing for $250,000 in damages.

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