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August is usually a quiet time of the year in Hoboken but not in 2009. The sidewalks are swimming with more political consultants than tourists on Fifth Avenue. With all the uncertainty of who may be next to follow Acting Mayor’s Dawn Zimmer’s bid for the winner take all November special election, there’s a feeding frenzy of insider activity for the flavor of the moment or is that the paycheck of the month? The game of musical chairs is well underway and an adviser to a king has to step lively before all the seats are taken. Summer season is truly over when Labor Day passes and the guns begin firing anew.

Unlike the campaign earlier this year, there’s no rustlings of insiders arranging a sit down between the two ladies laying claim to the the mantle of the “reform movement.” That earlier pow-wow between then Councilwomen Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer quickly went south, with each arriving to “listen” all the while loading up the cannon and gunpowder. If we see a rematch, and it’s not 99% certain, it doesn’t appear a major battle solely between Council folks. Should Councilwoman Beth Mason reload for the mayor’s office, it’s sure to cause some ripples in the reform vote and make the outside nefarious interests more not less inspired to pick a better horse than Cammarano. Even the Gov.’s former gal “friend” Carla Katz, she of the 400K+ Corzine loan, among others is awaiting just that occurrence before jumping in. What would Councilwoman Mason be willing to trade to keep other entrants at a minimum? And can the bellowing Frank Orsini truck be far off in the distance now?

The new emergency wing of the Hoboken University Medical Center looks delightful. We were almost tempted to stop by with a claim of a loose horseshoe just to try it out. But knowing the high costs of emergency care, we opted to await the more suitable blacksmith appointment and forgo putting the taxpayers on the dime. Speaking of coin, does anyone know how many dimes the hospital is going to stick us for? Those records are buried deeper than city mobile phones used to place Vegas preseason football bets. In the famous words of Peter Cammarano, “the hospital is doing well.” We expect that will be the last time a political head will say anything until we hear otherwise. And then it will be attached to an eight or or more long dollar digit problem. The only question when you’re holding a ticking time bomb is how long does it tick before going kaboom.

The Russo Association is now closer to completing its redecorating, and an end of summer party may be just around the corner. What would be the theme of such a gathering? How about a fundraiser to hire a fashion consultant for Councilwoman Terry Castellano. One would guess it would be necessary or does she plan on running for mayor dressed as a 20 year old ingenue? And here you thought Madonna needed to update her wardrobe for her age.

Speaking of the sharply coiffed, has anyone spotted any G-men in town lately? Seems like since their early morning visit to uptown Bloomfield St, all the chatter is down in the belly of the beast in Newark. Unemployment may continue to be a sore spot, but criminal lawyers have a steady gig with the ever growing defense list in the Garden State. Just once, we’d like to see a crime in progress followed by the shout, “Halt! FBI!”

Where’s the Burlington PAC money going to find a new Hoboken candidate now? All these caring New Jersey citizen groups looking to find “young, progressive Democratic leaders” in Hoboken. Add them to the list of concerned New Jersey citizens across the state like the Pipefitters Union looking for a new horse to bet on in Hoboken.

If Labor Day isn’t far off enough for the official political season to begin again, Kurt at The Hoboken Journal posts a letter on the latest distortion by the catfish diver over at Hoboken411. So let the games begin.

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