Grist for the Mill

With fall officially here and the mayoral campaigns fully in swing, there’s already more nuts out to play in Hoboken than a typical ACORN gathering.  If you must go on the internet be careful out there, beware the trolls, political operatives and those of like mind filled with rancid bile. It’s said to be as contagious as the swine flu.

Did you miss the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new walkway between Hoboken and Jersey City?  There were more politicians collected in one place armed with enough scissors and ribbons to necessitate an EMS unit on-site.  Is there a law against that? If there isn’t, there oughta be.

Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer kicked off her campaign at the Black Bear with dozens of her allies.  Critics pointed to the scale of the crowd in attendance but missed the point.  It was a weeknight and folks have dueling responsibilities like getting the kids to bed.  It didn’t stop them from emailing in their donations. That green army showed up and remember, Kids First.

The three top ladies of the mayor’s race all appeared at the Police Chief Falco “Meet & Greet” the other night and were in superb civil form resulting in no fines or tickets issued to any of them. Even better no legal papers were served at the event.  It would be great if that civility could trickle down to the minions on the street and the web. Is there anything other than manufactured drama worth discussing in this election? We’re just asking and pointing a hoof at a certain Hudson rag.

Can anyone reach out to Beth Mason’s campaign spokesman Paul Swibinski and find out if there’s better TV commericals coming? We’re already feeling nostalgic for the “I’m vot’in for Bet Mason” ads.  We hope her “base” isn’t feeling alienated by those local actors not getting paid for a part two of that masterpiece.

Which stacked up political army appears ready to descend from the hill and provide aid and comfort to a mayoral candidate in the Hoboken trenches?  Look out below!

There’s some background noise out there for Nathan Brinkman’s campaign.  Although we haven’t heard much more from him since his announcement we’d like to get to the bottom of it.  We know that Chris Christie certainly doesn’t mind a little irritant in Gov. Jon Corzine’s backyard. We’ll venture a guess there could be some showing up in the area of four figures.

On who’s prodding did Patricia Waiters file her petition challenge?  Da Horsey doesn’t know but would like to.  Has anyone spotted Perry Belfiore since he was shown the exit door at the HHA?  After his extensive quote in Politicker NJ, it’s seems like he has a lot of time on his hands and reasons to stir the pot.  We’re betting he also would be better at filling out the forms.

There’s a yet unannounced, unplanned political fund raiser unscheduled at Church Towers for Beth Mason’s campaign.  Or is it for internet comic InfotainMe?  We can’t be sure as the residents tell us they know Beth will be there but it’s a secret.  And the first rule of Church Towers is you don’t talk about Church Towers. The mere mention of it can be your undoing: either in the parking lot or on Hoboken411. 

You can either thank or blame us for highlighting the Beth Mason’s “dualjobdawn” petition.  It’s become something other than a petition with the vast majority signing anonymous (doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a petition) and people posting to or at each other.  There’s also haggling about comments being censored like at  Will it continue?  We hope so.  It’s the best comedy in the campaign so far not including the legal “sources” spoon feeding fairy tales to the Hudson Reporter.  We’d like to encourage people to play fair and only sign the petition once. Or not.

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