Grist for the Mill: Where in the world is Carmelo Garcia?


Carmelo Garcia is quite the popular guy these days. Well, he’s undoubtedly a fav with certain HHA vendors who kicked in thousands to his political committee last March and certainly he’s beloved by more HHA vendors for not making them go through that oh so unnecessary sealed bid process. (See yesterday’s story below.)

Word is a certain news group is on the prowl around the Mile Square on the lookout for the whereabouts of a certain contracted Executive Director. Did said news crew catch up to him?

Be on the lookout around Hoboken for the News 12 helicopter. It’s rumored to have put out an APB on one
Carmelo Garcia. One can imagine this won’t be as friendly as a planted Hudson Reporter story.

Da Horsey hasn’t the foggiest but Mister Carmelo may defer for once in his life from publicity after speaking to his lawyer. MSV can’t say if it would be his “ethnic cleansing” barrister or a more able  (and subject appropriate) criminal attorney.

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