Grist for the Mill: VBM tallies in with Kids First looking at possible BoE sweep

This just in from two independent sources on the Hoboken local elections.  While provisional ballots numbering in the 2,000 range including several hundred ballots via email and fax remain outstanding, all the Vote-by-Mail votes are said to have been tabulated in the BoE race.

Kids First appears solidly in the clear with its two top candidates on the machines: Ruthy McAllister and Tom Kluepfel.  The third Jean Marie Mitchell held approximately a 450 vote lead over Move Forward’s Liz Markovitch on the machine totals.

After the total approximately 1800 Vote-by-mail ballots tabulation in the race, Jean Marie Mitchell holds the lead for the third seat by six votes.

If the numbers hold, Kids First would see its five member majority expand to six members dealing the Old Guard and especially Councilwoman Beth Mason a stunning defeat.

Reform sources are buoyed by word of the VBMs tallying completed as the provisional and electronic votes via email and fax are anticipated to reflect the ratios on the machines meaning Jean Marie Mitchell would see her lead extended in a final BoE election result.

The illicit Vote-by-mail Old Guard effort appears to have come up short, not only in hijacking the results of the election overall versus the machine totals but falling short in all three seats.

Provisional votes are expected to be counted after the Thanksgiving holiday meaning the official vote in the BoE race and three referendum questions await final numbers.

Rent control advocates are pleased their lead of “No” votes is holding but by a narrower number than after the machine vote totals.

The Kids First ticket is looking at a possible sweep of the three seats in the BoE race.  
The Old Guard’s trusty VBM operation failed to put one of its backed candidates in the lead based on Da Horsey’s gristy chewables.

Talking Ed Note: How do you like dem apples Beth Mason?  Remember to share with FinBoy and company and don’t forget there’s fines up ahead for wheeling illegal money into the Move Forward campaign.

Feel free to get together on the Nazi Truck and take a ride out of town.

The Beth Mason Nazi Truck outside City Hall.
A massive fail with an attack seen here on Da Horsey.

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