Grist for the Mill: Timmy for sale – part deux

By the time you read this, Beth Mason is heading south to Atlantic City on her way to hosting a dessert party for a State Senator allied with Governor Christie and the work toward unseating sixth ward councilwoman Jen Giattino another in the latest political operation undone.

Timmy Occhipinti has “his” condo for sale.  That revelation comes courtesy of a follow-up to MSV’s weekend exclusive on Grafix Avenger where the dessert is dishy and the girls are not talking among themselves on Saturday Night Live.

According to GA’s inside dish, on the eve of the election Timmy Occhipinti produced a sizable check buying out the ex-girlfriend who departed early September.  Lawyers engaged, the deal went down right before the Raia-Mason Titanic election disaster.

Clearing the decks for Mayor Timmy?  (Stop laughing.)

Representing Timmy in the real estate effort was a lawyer to clear up the sticky ownership problem of the condo who also reportedly doubles as Occhipinti’s campaign treasurer.  The treasurer, a Jersey City lawyer was also paid for his campaign work out of council campaign funds in the rapidly depleted account.  More than 95% of close to 15K in the 2015 Occhipinti council campaign is gone.

Questions arise in all of this but Occhipinti like his patron Beth Mason don’t like to answer questions.
In September, Occhipinti departed his job making it highly unlikely he would be able to refinance a mortgage and pay the co-owner of the condo.

So who convinced Timmy to quit his job putting him into the predicament he finds himself today?

Grafix Avenger has uncovered more of the dish in the tale of the spiraling Occhipinti.

The question remains, who convinced Timmy Occhipinti into
quitting his job to run for mayor just a month before the election was a winning formula?
The fourth ward condo is on the block and Grafix Avenger has an update to the MSV story.

Talking Ed Note: The Old Guard venom removed made for a quick council meeting last night.  No targeting of Councilwoman Jen Giattino and her family for the council seat revealed itself either.  The exposure here and on Grafix Avenger before the election may have played a part.  That political operation before the election appears to be inert.  Sorry Joe.

Some loyal Carmelitos made an appearance but no cajoling or canard will gain any traction benefitting their sponsor.  That’s done.

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