Grist for the Mill – Sunday Surprise Edition

A newly disrobed candidate has enlisted a certain pale horse company to get the ad ball rolling coupled with her new office opening up in midtown on Washington St.  She’s quickly looking to shore up the “locked down” vote and beyond. Some think it’s a good bet she will.  That sexy development would be devastating to the Pupie maneuver among other candidates in favor of all things Church Towers.

Which Hoboken411 Masonite poster is supporting the family as a campaign paid hit man or is it hit girl, aiming their sights at anything and everything moving on the town’s most beloved website for weather, pipe bursts and store closings. We’re going to venture a guess the payments are much cheaper than some of the campaign’s other costs.  Would ole Winston endorse such a thing?

Are the hero G-men boys of summer any closer to announcing our former mayor Peter Camma-Rat-0’s deal plea and new digs?  More and more people have been asking the talking horse about the Great Condescender lately.  Well perhaps start with asking Gov. Jon Corzine.  Word still hasn’t leaked out on what deal was struck to get Petey Boy to step down.  Those lawyer to lawyer discussions sure do mirror the code of silence?  Is it going to be an omerta opera until the November election? Or can a canary really sing that long?

Which newly minted smirking frat boy “campaign manager” is a master of absentee ballot production, but can’t claim a legit residence in Hoboken?  Is he still picking up mail (and absentee ballots) from the same empty apartment on Jackson Street?  Last election, dozens of absentee ballots passed through his illegal bearing hands.  The master changes, but the same bag of dirty tricks remains.

Watch what happens when you go to  Fascinating ain’t it.  That’s the same owner as the infamous building on Jackson Street where the less than illegal absentee ballot activity was tied.  Okay, not in his name but technically it’s in the family.

Mirroring the war cry it’s not over until New Jersey tallies the dead and homeless vote in the statewide Gov’s race, the dualjobdawn petition volleys its ongoing vapid assault on voters.  This in the hope of raising the Acting Mayor’s negatives.  We’ve only run a barn but we know this has loser written all over it.  

As yet, there’s been no action taken to even yank back control of a campaign prop that’s backfired miserably.  Its cranked page after page of venom and ridicule for for both the candidate and its pied piper creator.  Yet the “signature” pages roll on and on.  We’ve seen more polite behavior at bare-knuckled fistfights on the Hoboken streets after the bars close on a Saturday night.  

As many have seen, that dualjobdawn ipetition spawned another.  It’s become a cult classic and boon to vegetable consumption in town.  Corn farmers across America no longer rely on ethanol sales as Hoboken now leads the nation in per capita consumption of the yellow veggie.  C’mon Dawn pass the butter and don’t be a cob hog.

Which imploding candidate’s beautifully crafted platform proudly announces their support of Hoboken deserving “a corruption free, machine free… government” while getting decked out in red and making nice, dollars and all smiles at a Hudson County Democratic Organization fundraiser?  Yes, that platform.  Tom Deguise wishes to say thanks for the check and you being the only brave Hoboken mayoral candidate to stand proud for the widely arrested and soon to be convicted from the Hudson County rat machine.  Way to go Councilwoman. Represent!

And what colleague from chambers kept the lady in red company?  Or maybe they just stayed on opposite sides of the room.  Hey, aren’t you guys really on the same team now?  Come on, kiss and make up already.  It’s statewide machine before county, county machine before town, and town machine before hamlet.  Sort of a perverted inverse of the traditional values: God, country, family.

Have a juicy carrot for Da Horsey?  Well let Smarty know: and it may become grist for the the mill

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