Grist for the Mill: Russo’s in illicit apartment swap at 10 Church Towers

Renovations are underway at 10 Church Towers as Councilman Michael Russo prepares to move into a three bedroom apartment in the current digs of Ma and Pa Russo.

A source with an eagle eye view to the legal aspects of the Russo clan swap wonders how once again the family specializing in grifting has circumvented the law on who can obtain a three bedroom unit in the building and says, “Is there no one on the list in need who actually qualifies?”

A family of three does not qualify for a three bedroom in Church Towers based on this source.  The Church Towers list has been closed for years.

Add to the irony it’s Michael Russo’s own cousin, Councilwoman Terry Castellano who was left most unhappy at the last City Council meeting when her introduced housing ordinance bit the dust and was tabled.  Was it an affordable housing program or an Old Guard “Friends and Family” version?  Let the readers decide!

Somehow we don’t expect any sidebar snickering from the Councilwoman on this less than ethical and illicit swapping of two and three bedroom units for those truly in need and (cough, cough) actually qualified.

Ma and Pa Russo are reportedly resting at the Belmar shore house as the renovations to both units are completed.

Only in Hoboken folks, only in Hoboken; the land where hypocrisy is rich and the Old Guard takes care of its own first and foremost, the law be damned.

This is one truck you won’t be seeing outside 10 Church Towers as the illicit swap of two and three bedroom apartments takes place between the Russo family.  At completion, each member of the family is guaranteed one bedroom per person.
Life is good when the rules and the law don’t apply to you.

Talking Ed Note:   The Russo’s were not contacted for this story.  We don’t want to disturb their summer tanning or see added yet another complaint filed with the Hoboken Police Department against MSV by the Old Guard and their minions.

A lot of that political chicanery going on.  More on that to come.

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