Grist for the Mill: Ravi Bhalla calls the police on Hoboken woman who wanted to speak to him?

A police incident ensued a week ago Friday when a Hoboken woman seeking to speak to Mayor Ravi Bhalla led to the Hoboken Police  intervening before taking a criminal complaint.

The scene of the complaint occurred far from City Hall at the Hoboken Business Center where Ravi Bhalla was holding a secret meeting sans security detail.

Whispered as “the Ravi incident,” the participants include a Hoboken woman in the local business community who was surprised to see Mayor Ravi Bhalla arrive at the building in the secluded southwest corner of town.
An earlier attempt to speak to the mayor by the same woman was reportedly rebuffed last November at City Hall. Both incidents revolve around a family business interest and liquor license in a downtown bar making the news last year.
A knock at a conference room door saw it opened then slammed and locked by Ravi Bhalla who didn’t want to have a discussion nor apparently, allow the woman to see who he was meeting. Banging on the door did little to change his mind. In the ensuing melee, the Hoboken police were summoned.

Shortly thereafter, the Hoboken police arrived on the scene. A complaint filed against the woman likely involves at least one Hoboken official. Is it Ravi Bhalla, Business Administrator Stephen Marks or is another city employee’s name appearing on the dotted line as the complainant?

On Friday, a request for comment to the mayor’s office about the incident received no response. 

Blowback from the failed mayoral appointment of Patricia Waiters to the Hoboken Rent Control & Stabilization Board is deeper than originally thought. Members of the seven-member board were outraged at the utter depravity Ravi Bhalla, a former rent board attorney demonstrated by appointing Hoboken’s low brow Rev. Al Sharpton imitator on an important quasi-judicial body. At least one board member threatened to resign if the City Council approved the appointment by resolution.

Four days after Ravi Bhalla appointed Waiters, he withdrew his pending resolution before the City Council meeting sparing Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour. One of their two votes was needed for the appointment’s majority approval.

None of this can be sitting well with former mayor Dawn Zimmer who handed Ravi Bhalla an endorsement and the inside track in the ugly 2017 mayoral election. An angry call is rumored from her husband Stan Grossbard to Ravi Bhalla along the lines of “what the hell are you doing?”

They can’t be happy with this and the Ravi-Russo-Waiters alliance being fully exposed. It’s making all of them look bad. reported this and the Ravi-Russo alliance’s official birth when former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo was welcomed back into the mayor’s office the day Ravi Bhalla was sworn into office. It’s Hoboken’s version of Rosemary’s Baby.

Many people in Hoboken’s detonated Reform Movement including the three good-government stalwarts on the council: Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher are shaking their heads and might be saying, “We told you so.” The only council member of that nine-member body who endorsed Ravi Bhalla for Hoboken mayor in 2017 was Jim Doyle who took a spot on his at-large ticket.

Some Reformers, open-eyed observers and a Horse saw the writing on the wall and said so.

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