Grist for the Mill: Raia solider sounds off: “Shit rolls downhill”

A Pupie soldier is spreading word on the impact from the Hudson County Superior Court trial on ballot question numero uno and it wasn’t full of good cheer.

The legal challenge to the rent control November results is not officially over but the fallout is already underway.

Apparently the Vote by Mail foot soldier in the Hoboken Housing Authority was taken aback the scheme had exploded with a trial putting hundreds of the paper ballots front and center in the court’s investigation. Expressing concern, the Vote by Mail trooper was even more taken aback at where the investigation was leading. Asked what was going on, the answer came, “they investigated my whole family.”

The VBM warrior added further illumination on the situation saying they admitted working for Raia and follow orders. The heat with a trial centered on the Vote by Mail fraud created friction and thoughts of self-preservation. Summing up their feelings on the matter the reported quote concluding on the matter was, “Shit rolls downhill” before adding “I’m not a stupid ni%%#r.”

Sounds like someone is ready to talk if the long arm of the law takes the civil case to a criminal jurisdiction.

Tuesday morning the case brought to Superior Court in Jersey City challenging the rent control ballot results is expected to go quietly into the night when MSTA (Mile Square Taxpayers Association) pulls the plug. Among the petitioners is Frank “Pupie” Raia who runs the political committee “Let the People Decide.”

Is that where the case ends? In the famous words of Penelope Cruz, “I dun thinnk so.”

Trenton post it notes for Carmelo Garcia, “The wire is here.”
On another HHA front, the embattled Executive Director Carmelo Garcia reached out to a housing matriarch who is a steadfast supporter. Asking her advice on his situation she bluntly told him, “Your career is dead, sue for whatever you can get.”
The reference to a lawsuit however isn’t the one amended against the HHA, Hoboken and the mayor. This time the antagonism is toward people in Trenton.  
Word on the street is the new Assemblyman Mr. Carmelo is not receiving a warm welcome.  Before taking office, a blanket broadcast to all legislators in the State Senate and Assembly went out urging its members to beware of Carmelo Garcia as he’s known to wear a wire. 
Post it notes are finding their way on a regular basis to the door of Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia saying, “the wire is here.” Assembly members are also reportedly walking away declining to speak with Garcia apparently in protest to his recording a former respected state leader on a PATH ride both to, from and during a Manhattan restaurant lunch with former Senate majority leader Bernie Kenny.
Which way is that flow going again? Senator Brian Stack better keep a safe distance. Sounds like pretty much everyone should or they will be subjected to reckless civil litigation from the “Ethic Cleanser.”
Last, a weekend commenter is not pleased with the MSV grist story about former Parking Utility Director John Corea being out on work release. Da Horsey didn’t confirm the complete details throwing a bone to the local napping media. They marshaled all their resources to ignore the story, least they offend their Old Guard friends.

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