Grist for the Mill: Pupie lament: “Get me back on NHSA”

The Pupster having been denied his quarter century continuance on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority is having second thoughts about his “retirement.”

According to one well placed source, Frank “Pupie” Raia isn’t enjoying life after his “retirement” party recently thrown for him by a NHSA vendor at the Chart House.

With the door slamming shut for re-entry in West New York, Pupie is looking to get back on the Sewerage Authority and rekindle his grandfathered health insurance bennies in Hoboken.

Another source believes Raia can once again obtain the taxpayer paid freebie if he manages to get back on the NHSA within 18 months, the purported aim of his latest campaign to Hoboken City Council members.

“Just when you think it was safe to go back in the water, Pupie floats back to the surface,” said one longtime Hoboken politico.

There’s a Hoboken NHSA commissioner seat opening up in early 2017 currently held by former councilman Tony Soares. It’s not known officially if Soares plans to continue but he’s gotten high grades for communicating with Hoboken council members and officials on issues related to the Authority and was a point man of contact sought out when questions arose.

Reports on the NHSA since Raia’s departure suggests the back door process has been completely changed under new chair Brian Kappock, a Weehawken based Hoboken lawyer with the arrival of new Hoboken commissioner Kurt Gardiner.

Frank “Pupie” Raia – back on the run for another
five year term on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority?
Reports say he’s aiming for a Hoboken seat in 2017.

It’s Super Tuesday and the nation is keeping a close eye on a rebellion of Republicans and Democrats who are less than thrilled with the direction of the nation. Wasn’t “Hope and Change” the solution to all or or as one popular localized etymology chimed, “I want the good stuff.”

America appears to be looking toward a reset button but not the failure with Russia seeing a renewed Vladimir Putin eyeing expanding into the rest of Ukraine, Finland, the Baltics, other parts of Western Europe and a new foothold military base in Syria.

Other good stuff Russia already believed held in hand: the unsecured and “classified” Hillary Clinton emails she illicitly put on a private server in a small firm’s Denver based bathroom. Clinton who is headed to an easy nomination over Vermont’s Bernie Sanders from Brooklyn but may have to face the piper sooner or later.

The treachery in mishandling top secret national security information while Secretary of State has seen others imprisoned for far less. 

For others, the treachery in Benghazi is not to be forgotten nor the lies told to the country and families who lost loved ones, an American ambassador among them, defending a terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Libya.

They along with the American people were told by the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton the 9-11 attack in 2012 was not a terrorist attack but due to an obscure video on YouTube. 

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