Grist for the Mill: Old Guard war for the BoE, Hudson Reporter’s Russo math

Hoboken’s November BoE election is shaping up as an all out battle for the Old Guard to get its hands on the wheel and tasty treats in the form of taxpayer money.  In the case of the BoE, it’s a budget over $60 million.

The Move Forward BoE slate backed by the Old Guard is already taking steps to use social media to get out the word, by hook or by crook.  Last week Grafix Avenger, a mom of a gifted district student wrote a story of Facebook patrons in town seeing their accounts hijacked and listed as “liking” (or befriending) the Move Forward BoE slate.

If the Old Guard is willing to hijack adults, who’s to stop them from nabbing free cell phones, steak dinners, and low or no show jobs from children’s classroom dollars again if they seize power?

One of the planks the Move Forward slate is publicly espousing is taking over services and access to facilities of the school district and plugging in their friends and family converting them into “public” usage areas.  That along with firing the relatively new Superintendent Mark Toback and school principals is what they are touting as “change” and “leadership.”

Okay “Hoboken Dads” insured or not, everyone into the pool!

Room 84 is back in the Old Guard fold and with it BoE Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco hosted a kickoff last Thursday night launching their “newcomer” BoE slate with former Real Results candidate Elizabeth Markevitch, Anthony Oland and Felice Vasquez.  Dozens of Hoboken Old Guard politicos were reportedly on hand to celebrate pending “change” at the BoE.  Or is that a plan to leave the taxpayers holding nothing but change?

A power shift on the BoE means the next time an allotment of kids are told to stay home during statewide tests, the whole gang can again go celebrate the improved test scores with steak dinners, courtesy of the Hoboken taxpayers.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano ventured into the bowels of Room 84 and some say likes to get down to the beats of Fatboy Slim or is it Slim Shady?  Dozens of shady Old Guard adherents were in attendance joining MORTe – beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, mike Russo, and Terry Castellano.  Beth Mason who opted not to back Kids First in 2009 and has publicly stated in the past council members should keep city politics out of the schools was joined by other Old Guard backers Frank “Pupie” Raia who is the campaign treasurer, Democratic Committee Chair Jamie Cryan, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, HHA Executive Director and BoE trustee Carmelo Garcia, Freeholders Anthony Romano and Bill Odea.

Okay where does everyone sign up as campaign workers and their vote-by-mail ballots?

This is the Old Guard’s last stand.  Are you ready for a war?

Peter Cammarano poses with Beth Mason paid political operative Matt Calicchio
at his brother’s wedding last month.  The Old Guard including the Cammarano
remnants look to take back control of the BoE.

One anonymous self-described police source some weeks back says a parking ticket quota was imposed on Hoboken’s finest.  It didn’t strike us as outlandish on its face, although we had no means to probe the source.  So we’re contacting Police Chief Falco and will ask him if it’s true.   In the interim, are there any other volunteers who wish to speak on the matter on or off the record?

The Hudson Reporter in the worst imitation of journalistic accuracy finally got around to the MSV story about Michael Russo’s missing Russo for Hoboken campaign reports and deposits possibly connected to FBI informant Solomon Dwek.  The Hudson Reporter was given some suspected bank information to view and immediately dispensed Michael Russo a clean bill of health.

Just one problem among possible others; the Hudson Reporter published the balance in the account was almost $1,200 and the real account balance is only $210.81.  Is that the new Michael Russo math?

Not to worry, the public doesn’t need to see for itself what’s in those bank statements, the Hudson Reporter told you so.  After all, it’s only been years the suspected information has gone magically missing.

Putting aside how exactly the 17 large disappeared, where are the bank statements?  Nothing is going to make the FBI Solomon Dwek problem go away other than allowing the public to scrutinize for itself the actual documents.

In the famous words of President Ronald Reagan, trust but verify.  Since the Hudson Reporter can’t even get the simple arithmetic correct, why should anyone believe anything Michael Russo says?

Speaking of trust, what councilwoman and her political operative are said to be under the watchful eyes of the Feds?  Word is they are both aware after being appraised by a third party.  Hello, can you hear me now?

Grist for the Mill is a rumor column but it’s more on target than the typical Hoboken rumors and dreck passing as news in these parts.

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