Grist for the Mill: Old Guard council taking City to court?

This is an emergency broadcast of the “Grist for the Mill” network. 
A completely untested, unconfirmed rumor says the legal threat by Councilman Michael Russo in City Council last night with some legal beagle maneuvering by the Old Guard to halt the appointment of Councilman Jim Doyle could very well be in the works.
Word’s escaped and on the street this legal strategy was concocted in advance with Scott Delea showing up with a deadline application yesterday a trojan horse in the hopes to distort the real intent: create a 4-4 deadlock on the City Council for months until a special election is ordered by Hudson County court.
The chances of such a legal deployment winning are slim.
As part of this strategy, a different approach had to be made from the 2009 attempt to stop a council appointment when Dawn Zimmer became mayor and vacated the fourth ward seat.  At that time Councilwoman Beth Mason abstained so there would not be a 4-4 tie in the hopes the mayor would then not cast a deciding vote.  The mayor voted and decided the matter anyway.
This time Beth Mason was designated as the person to be out of the council chambers to revisit the strategy from a different legal angle.  The hope is that a judge would provide the Old Guard some out in this hail mary throw that would block Councilman Jim Doyle for some time and the seat would remain open, perhaps over months.  This is Hudson County after all.
Apparently, Beth Mason signed on to this strategy and left the country earlier this week – but no earlier than Monday.  Mason political lawyer Elise DiNardo is also rumored to be involved in some court action today related to this effort.  
MSV is investigating this story and awaiting further information.
This concludes our “Grist for the Mill” network test.  Had this been an actual law enforcement emergency, you would see the Thursday Blue Bus outside City Hall.
Please stay tuned for further updates on this breaking story.
Beth Mason takes an unscheduled vacation or how to leave the country on an emergency vacation to Italy to
advance another lawsuit.  Who are the plaintiffs in a possible action against the City of Hoboken?
As an aside to this appointment last night, didn’t Councilwoman Terry Castellano vote to replace her cousin Anthony Russo with a Russo of a different name on the council named Michael?
Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason did not give any advance notice to the City Council she was taking an emergency trip to Italy during the weekday leading into a meeting.  
Did she clear it with the FBI?

Update: A reliable source says Beth Mason was in fact seen in Hoboken YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!

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