Grist for the Mill: Old Guard breakdown – “just vote for me”

There’s a rampant disease airborne in the mile square and it isn’t only the vote-by-mail ‘troubles.’ (More on that later.)

The air of desperation is in the air for candidates trying to save themselves from impending defeat or what may be the end of a hoped for career.

Atop that list is one report where a resident received a knock on the door from mayoral wannabe Tim Occhipinti. After hearing out the litany of complaints against Frank “Pupie” Raia, Occhipinti acknowledged the Pupie problem but ended with a plea, “just vote for me.”

Raia has reportedly been doing similarly for a while and there’s nothing changing that in recent days although Occhipinti and Peter Biancamano did come together last weekend to glad hand food shoppers outside Shop Rite.

Two other independent reports reveal phone banking calls to residents meeting similar responses from the callers.  One phone caller identified themselves as coming from the Occhipinti-Raia-Biancamano team and asked if the respondent would get their vote?  What about poor Brit?

Another call to another resident, this time on behalf of the Ruben Ramos campaign was met with skepticism and told they didn’t know much of the council candidates but they did know they wouldn’t vote for Laura Miani.  “Just vote for Ruben,” came the response.

With little less than a week to the election, the in-fighting between camps has turned to a desperate cannibalistic feeding frenzy.  Every man, woman and vbm for themselves!

Tim Occhipinti, self-preservation door knocking?

Talking Ed Note: Speaking of cannibalism, the Hudson Reporter did get around to writing about the impending defamation lawsuit against Councilwoman Beth Mason announced yesterday morning by Councilman Ravi Bhalla. They spilled lots of pixels on the distraction trotted out by Mason but didn’t even bother to detail or link to the heart of the defamation issue Bhalla made available.

If Beth Mason thinks her team’s 20 questions are the heart of a defamation suit; she needs a new consulting team. Better to prepare yourself for questioning Beth.  You and your political operatives with Hoboken411 are going to need to answer for the organized character assassination over years.  The Hudson Reporter can ignore that long time story but they can’t help you with that.

Related: Grafix Avenger spoofed the Mason attempt at changing the subject and holding a kangaroo court of her creation at the W Hotel.  As if.

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