Grist for the Mill: MORTe to Hospital & Hoboken: Go to Hell!

Anyone aware of the situation in town is cognizant of the fight between the forces to see through the hospital’s sale and the enormous efforts made by so many people to achieve this objective – including the hospital employees themselves who have sacrificed greatly including financially to save the hospital versus the forces of sabotage, destruction and moral corruption, re: MORTe.

While MORTe: Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano have voted down every opportunity to assist the sale of the hospital, they have shown strong resolve to do whatever they can to undo the hospital sale even when the matter was in fact over after the parking agreement licensing was approved Tuesday night.

A commercial for Tim Occhipinti seen here with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos spoke about his “personal integrity.”  You see any integrity?  He’s in hiding not taking calls.
His phone is already filled with voicemail but you can text him at  (917) 721-3826.

MSV is picking up word of MORTe’s continued resistance.  Terry Castellano does not plan on attending the meeting and will be at a wedding.  The same is being said of Mike Russo who is making it clear leading into the meeting he could care less.  If there was no wedding to attend, he is bragging he’d find something else to do.

It’s not clear if either of the Russo’s will make themselves available by phone to actually vote.  They both will have that ability to do so if they choose.  Making themselves unavailable is the same as a no vote.

So that leaves Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti as the other two members of MORTe.  Will Mason show up if her Russo allies are not present?  It’s not know that she will.

One source close to some of the Old Guard’s inner circle told MSV that MORTe has no intention of moving now adding they don’t feel the hospital will in fact close.  It’s difficult to say if this is also part of the propaganda they’ve been pumping out to anyone who will listen.

The bottom line: MORTe takes no responsibility for the hospital’s situation and THEY WON’T LIFT A FINGER TO AID THE HOSPITAL.

Beth Mason won’t want to hear from you but you can also reach her mobile at (201) 916-8244.

Beth Mason was reported in a Hoboken Patch article by reporter Amanda Staub saying she is not standing in the way of the sale of the hospital.  That’s another way of saying she will not lift a finger to say yes and allow the parking agreement she voted against to take effect immediately.

Mike Russo in the same article is quoted as saying, “I need to make sure I am looking out for the long term, as well as the short term.” He then adds a canard about Holdco holding parking rights for 99 years.  The truth is laid out in the article that Holdco would only hold a licensing agreement for 400 spaces and would have to pay the full market rate whatever that price is at the time after seven years if the hospital’s status would change.

Russo of course knows all this.

MORTe is now in full out passive aggressive destroy Hoboken mode.  They aren’t even interested in gathering around the patient to watch it die.  At least some prefer to live it up and party down instead.

On Sunday we’ll see what they in fact do.

MORTE’s revenge is at hand and it’s Ma Russo getting back for having free health benefits removed for her and her husband ex-mayor and convict Anthony Russo.  Here’s she’s seen huddling with MORTE’s political operative Lane Bajardi at a City Council meeting last year.  Sunday Hoboken will likely witness MORTE’s most deadly political sabotage against the hospital and Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: MORTe has a strategy and is following through on it.  They have to destroy Hoboken in order to save it (for their own personal gain).

Since Ma “five-bucks-a-tow” Russo can’t seem to land a government job with taxpayer paid benefits, she’s decided Hoboken will pay.  Michele Russo and her husband were removed from their illicit receipt of Hoboken taxpayer paid health benefits last March after a City Hall audit discovered the oddity last December.

Some are already calling the latest MORTe sabotage of Hoboken Ma Russo’s Revenge.

Update: 1:45 pm – Rumors of a rally before the City Council meeting are going around.  One says hospital employees may be leading one and another says it may involve Hoboken residents with some city workers.

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