Grist for the Mill: Mason county charity scam dinner fizzles

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s self-promoting “charity” county dinner jumps the shark

The Beth Mason effort for self-promotion with Hudson County pols is seeing an abysmal turnout from Hoboken residents with her Hudson County recovers dinner scheduled for later this month.

Based on the Facebook page for the dinner event being held outside of Hoboken in the swampland of Secaucus, crow is the dish of the night.

With those kind of numbers anyone who turns over a nickel to the Mason Civic League for Beth’s political county promotion dinner would be an abject fool. On the attendee list: Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Hoboken’s 4th ward council seat occupant Tim Occhipinti, Matt Calicchio and an assortment of other paid Mason political operatives. 
Anyone think any of them are ponying up $300 per plate?

With more than 500 invitations, less than a dozen people have hit the confirm button. The vast
majority are choosing to ignore Beth Mason but Da Horsey did respond to an invite by hitting “decline.”

With the event already a fiasco, Mason is reportedly looking to fill the room with Hoboken seniors.  They will be bused over to the swamp for the free grub in an attempt to salvage the latest Beth Mason political boondoggle. 

The Bard of Hoboken logged in to share his tenuous consideration of the Secaucus based dinner on the 20th.  With about a week left, not even a dozen people have committed to the racket.  Almost half are known paid political operatives for Mason.

To put it in starker terms, more people are being sued by Beth Mason than attending her dinner:

Number of People Attending Mason Dinner            Latest estimate sued in political lawsuits 

                              11                                                                       20+ *

Is there a direct correlation between those numbers?

* Those being sued by Beth Mason include her council colleagues (4), the mayor and over a dozen screen names plus the named defendants in the Mason SLAPP suit.

Dinner attraction: notorious Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio will be attending the charity scam dinner.
Hey look at the time, is it safe to get out of here after the free grub?  Thanks Beth!

Talking Ed Note: How about a raffle for the senior ladies to join Matt in a sumo dance off?

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