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Once again the word on the street suggests there’s a new telephone poll begun today. It’ll likely run through this weekend so prepare to be asked questions on the Hoboken mayoral election.

(See the update below for the MSV Exclusive questions in the poll.)

According to one reliable source, this telephone poll doesn’t originate from the Romano or Bhalla campaign. The DeFusco campaign ran one recently and no one knows what the Giattino campaign is up to as they were privy to another recent poll.

So basically, this is a poll there’s not much details available on to this point entering the weekend. One reader who got the poll described it this way. “I got a push poll that had slanted questions attacking Bhalla, DeFusco, Giattino and Romano.” Who’s left? “No one, it was equal parts negative questions on all of them,” was the answer. (Not what’s going on now from other Hoboken residents. It’s a push poll for Ravi “saving the hospital” again!)

Enter the bizzaro election world Hoboken. Hang on, there’s more. Things are getting testy as this weekend will pass the 30 day mark on to November 7th, Election Day. The word on the street is there is an APB for the Horse’s head, on a stick if possible. Even though Councilman Ravi Bhalla has been hardly grazed, all manners of ugliness are springing up with vicious personal attacks unseen in the worst days of Hoboken411 over on Sybil’s Cave.

If you supported most the mayor’s initiatives for the past eight years does that mean you can’t decide for yourself who is the best candidate for Hoboken in 2017? Wheely?

Some less than stellar people are falling all over themselves trying to dirty up Team Giattino. Anyone and everyone who believes City Council President Jen Giattino is not only the most trusted, on and off the Hoboken City Council but the best candidate dedicated to Hoboken and able to tackle the issues in the coming years is targeted for the most vile personal attacks.

Sybil’s Cave, only the most foul and unclean evil may enter. The worst bile since Hoboken411 and then some.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla touts his campaign as being issue based but most of the mudslinging is coming from his fanatical unofficial online HQ at Sybil’s Cave. They feed the fuel and dump information there fast and more furious than the gunrunning to Mexico of the same name. There’s all manner of whining, crying and foaming that Ravi Bhalla should be the de facto mayor come November. Deviation means you are any number of ugly things or tagged with the crimson letter: racist.

Divorcing himself from all that ugliness is going to get harder as people become more and more turned off by the Bhalla campaign’s cynical proclamations of national candidacy victimhood while dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck ala Al Sharpton. The vile personal attacks by cowards in the comments section exceeds the worst ever seen on Hoboken411.

Hobokenites who supported most of the initiatives in the past eight years of Mayor Zimmer apparently implies some sort of lifetime servitude. You are bound by some sort of “loyalty” and religious obedience code. As if.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher who also serves as the Chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee is being targeted as is City Council President Jen Giattino herself. Even as Mayor Zimmer did not testify for MSV in 2015 in the frivolous litigation trial, one coward says she did. Other lies reportedly claim some veiled extortion on the mayor’s family. What lying cowardly scumbags! No wonder a zombie couldn’t look a Horse in the eye only last month. Are you responsible for spreading this?

At the end of the SLAPP-suit trial, Mayor Zimmer was available to testify for the one person who might have seen any issue reach the jury. Let’s say it wasn’t either of the male defendants and leave it there. If any coward finds his balls, this Horse is available here and they know how to reach me. Let’s meet up. Soon. Cuz I would love it!

If anything, there’s been next to no public discussion during this campaign on Ravi Bhalla’s conflicts with Suez Water and NJ Transit not to mention the First Amendment lawsuits with his ejections of two Hoboken residents during a live council meeting in 2015. One lawsuit is already paid out for over $50,000 as reported earlier this year and the other will likely cost Hoboken much more, not counting legal fees. Who made that call?

It’s one thing to be a cowardly crybaby; but to be a total lying scumbag on top of it? When might the Bhalla campaign put an end to it? Well, why should they? Sybil’s Cave is the next best thing to hosting your own chapter of Hoboken Antifa. Oh yeah, the Bhalla campaign wouldn’t condemn Antifa’s political violence either last summer. Something about “standing up” to bigotry.

How much lower will they go? 32 days.

Update: Readers submit the questions in the weekend to MSV (at the jump).

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Polling firm may be Action Research 
Poll Questions
Are you registered to vote?
In the election for governor, mayor and state
representatives will you – definitely vote, possibly vote, probably won’t vote?
Is Hoboken moving in the right direction or on the wrong
Is Hoboken an excellent, good, fair, or poor place to live?
Rate Dawn Zimmer: Excellent, good, fair, or poor
Rate the following list of people as strongly favorable,
somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or unfavorable
Phil Murphy
Kim Guadagno
Dawn Zimmer
Angelo Valente
Ron Baptiste
Michael Defusco
Dave Mello
Jen Giattino
Ravi Bhalla
Anthony Romano
Karen Nason
Donald Trump
Jim Doyle
You may have heard that Dawn Zimmer is not running – do you
think the next mayor should continue her policies or make changes?
If election held today, who would you vote for?
Ravi Bhalla
Ron Baptiste
Michael Defusco
Jen Giattino
Karen Nason
Anthony Romano
What are chances that you will change your mind?   good chance, some chance, almost no chance
What if ballot was between
Ravi Bhalla
Michael Defusco
Anthony Romano
(Readers think earlier choices alters this question.)
Communications from the campaigns in last 2 weeks

Have you received mail from Ravi Bhalla in the last
2 weeks?
Did that literature give you a more favorable or
less impression of Ravi Bhalla?
In past 2 weeks have you seen posts on Facebook
about Ravi Bhalla?
4.     Did
the posts on Facebook give you a more favorable or less impression of Ravi
5.     Have
you received an email from Ravi in the past 2 weeks?
Here are some reasons given by people for
supporting Ravi Bhalla. Do they make you more likely or less likely to support
Ravi Bhalla?
As a councilman & council president Ravi
Bhalla worked closely with Mayor Zimmer to turn around Hoboken and restore
fiscal responsibility to broken city government that was known for corruption –
Zimmer knows all candidates and is backing Ravi because he is the most
qualified and best candidate?
Ravi Bhalla put forward a detailed planned on
major issues – plans to upgrade infrastructure, reducing flooding, holding the
line on taxes & securing more open space (some others can’t remember) Ravi
has– has ideals and vision for Hoboken?
Ravi Bhalla has been an effective advocate for
civil rights, is an attorney and as a councilman he has and as mayor he will
stand up to president trump. He will represent people regardless of race,
religion, gender, sexual orientation, equally
Some statements made about other candidates for mayor. Do
these give you very serious reservations, fairly series reservations, somewhat
serious reservations, or not at all any reservations?
Michael Defusco has been on city council for
less than 2 years and has no major accomplishments – he doesn’t have experience
to be mayor.
Anthony Romano is running for freeholder and
mayor at the same time. His name will appear on the ballot twice. If he was
really committed to being mayor of Hoboken he would not have a backup plan.
As a Republican who has never publicly criticized
Trump, Jen Giattino  can’t be counted on to stand up to the president.  She is not the best person to represent our
·       Ravi Bhalla is a partner in a politically connected
law firm that uses contacts to get government business. His firm represents the
Hoboken water company – Suez – and he has been forced to recuse himself on
important votes because of this.
Ravi Bhalla would be Hoboken’s 1st Sikh
mayor. Some people claim that he doesn’t understand the needs of Hoboken and
won’t represent our values (the, if you
don’t vote for Ravi you’re a racist question)

 How long have you lived
in Hoboken, under 5 years, 5-10 years, 10-20 years, more than 20 years, since

Do you own or rent?

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