Grist for the Mill: Los Estados Unidos – Chiquita Banana Edition

By now everyone knows and somewhere Billy the Bomber Ayers is laughing as people gloat about his infamous line in getting over after multiple bombings with the phrase, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird.”

Yesterday, a federal careerist, the FBI Director Jame Comey explained in serious tones the numerous transgressions going outside the entire federal system set up to encrypt and protect American secrets from the prying eyes of foreign intel agencies in any exchange of electronic documents.

Comey admitted foreign intel agencies may, re: have likely obtained hundreds of sensitive emails listed as classified and top secret set up on a server in a Denver bathroom of a small IT firm. Hillary’s home brewed server.

Then the FBI Director hinted there would be no prosecution of Hillary Clinton at the Oval Office run Department of Justice so he would go on and explain that he was rewriting the laws related to the Espionage Act and adding it’s required to show intent to violate the law.

As if setting up an entire electronic communication system completely outside of the federal government is an intent to… to do what exactly? Do email servers of sensitive government information just find themselves appearing in bathrooms across the country with no security protocols whatsoever for the prying eyes of even a somewhat computer illiterate hack in Romania calling himself Guccifer?

Executive “privilege” rears its head on the fly with a pen and maybe a smartphone, email capable. It was a deft game of three card monte by the FBI Director and most have seen a few.

So, the Grist hears the surrender of the FBI came easily not wishing to abdicate the inevitable when a chip might be garnered and everyone knows about the “impromptu” meeting between Hillary Clinton’s spouse and the head of law enforcement in America in Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

All the hot air blown about how the Republican FBI Director would hold the line and force the hand of those above him came to naught. Admittedly, this horse was fooled and thought the problem would be kicked upstairs to the DOJ and Oval Office to “smooth over.”

The FBI’s role is to investigate and provide a report on criminal wrongdoing. Its director is not charged with finalizing any decision on prosecution. That role belongs to the DOJ and their prosecutors. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch did say she would “accept” what was given to her and she magically now must decide as the person charged with doing so if prosecution is warranted.

Stop laughing, have another banana.

Most of us knew the fix was in. It was the manner in how the fix was injected into the veins of the former republic known as the United States that is the surprise.

The Republic got an overdose and is proclaimed officially pronounced muerte.

Welcome to Los Estados Unidos de Chiquita Banana. We’re all Venezuela now.

Even before the twisted announcement from the FBI Director yesterday the decision
to hit the campaign trail was made and there’s your pictorial evidence in Charlotte.
FBI Director Comey said no one knew of his pending decision just hours earlier.
 Listen to the party apparatchiks applaud. 

The grist hears the little tarmac Phoenix meeting means Loretta Lynch gets reappointed to US Attorney General if the party continues its absolute methods into 2017. Murmurs of a Supreme Court seat are not conclusive. James Comey for being a good solider and not allowing the nightmare to be kicked up closer to to the Oval Office, (Clinton’s illicit emails were plentiful there) is gifted with the Department of Homeland Security.

How’s your Spanish?

New Estados Unidos de la Chiquita Banana flag
rendering courtesy Jhnny Newman

Talking Ed Note: Some will suggest Le Grande Orange is the greatest danger. Au contraire Mets fans would say, Rusty Staub was never a threat to tearing to pieces the rule of law. Neither is an anti-globalist outsider without party loyalties in the pro-American Donald Trump.

Smarten up!

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