Grist for the Mill: Is Hudson County fed up with Hoboken’s Vote by Mail fraud?


Distilling election results is never complete until an analysis of the Vote by Mail is complete. Da Horsey who began this annual tradition back in 2010 is joined on occasion by a media clack who sometime shine a supplementary spotlight and at other times appear to prefer wisdom teeth removal.

Earlier this year MSV had the pleasure of testifying in Hudson County Superior Court on the matter of buying and selling votes using that altruistically designed voter tool: the absentee ballot. To suggest a permissive culture exists in the Hoboken Housing Authority treating the residents there to an annual pilgrimage of exploitation would be an understatement.

Let’s say the issue is ongoing. So is this story.

Old Guard sources in Hoboken confirm the battle royale with this insanely close Board of Education race wages red hot among “community leaders.” (Is it over yet or do we await final results in about a week like most Third World countries?).

On Saturday, Joe Branco representing Parents for Change and BFF to Carmelo Garica laid down a complaint with the Hudson County Board of Elections citing malfeasance involving 226 Vote by Mail ballots. Investigators went into the Hoboken Housing Authority gathering information to assess what was what. At least 50 ballots were tossed for reasons unknown and approximately 75 didn’t pass muster of almost 1,000 citywide. It was past 1:00 am after Election Day before the final VBM totals were added to candidates’ machine numbers.

Parents for Change candidates on Election Day were so riled up on the streets, yelling and screaming at their Old Guard opposition you’d think the polls were already closed midday and the results tabulated even as Patricia Waiters, perennial bomb thrower stood in front of the doors to City Hall handing out literature no where near legal to the 100 foot rule.

Does anyone recall it was only three years ago in April 2011 when MSV reported, “Frank Raia sweeps BoE election?” The Vote by Mail “issue” was readily apparent and the Old Guard ticket was almost the same as this time minus one empty seat behind Peter Biancamano and Fran Rhodes-Kearns:

Carmelo Garcia.

2011 BoE running mates Fran Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancamano didn’t
miss Carmelo Garcia on their BoE ticket. Mister Carmelo split
leaving behind the bounty of Vote by Mail ballots to his totals then.
In the current Old Guard vs. Old Guard saga, now it’s a problem.

Talking Ed Note: What lies ahead in the county investigation into the rampant Vote by Mail exploitation in the Hoboken Housing Authority? There’s no answer today and the US Department of Justice received a bounty of evidence on their visit to Hoboken on Election Day 2013.

This story isn’t over but the questions lingers, will it ever?

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Correction: The Carmelo Garcia BoE slate was mistakenly mentioned as “Parents for Progress” not “Parents for Change.”

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