Grist for the Mill: The Hopeful Assembly Departed

The months long speculation on the Assembly seat position comes closer to a finale sooner than later even with the spring primary months away.

As most know, State Senator Brian Stack from his perch as mayor of Union City holds sway on the State of NJ Assembly seat representing Hoboken and currently occupied by the disaster in Carmelo Garcia.

On Monday, MSV will have its exclusive report lining up the bodies who will not be obtaining (or buying) that seat.

Should Beth Mason put away the family checkbook? Well, Da Horsey hears the Peace Corp has an opening at the South Pole for mayor of the 9th legion of penguins.

Those penguins don’t care how many people you sue in an attempt to shut down their First Amendment rights. But that’s for another day.

On Monday, you’ll get the lineup of bodies who won’t be getting the seat out of Hoboken.

Bring out your dead. Hoboken has a stack, pardon the pun.

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