Grist for the Mill: Here comes Mr. Carmelo now

He’s back! Well, he’d like to be while on excursion to Newark where he’s making oodles of loot performing in a government role on behalf of that historic New Jersey city in its Department of Economic Development.

Because you know the economic developments he left in the wake of his departure at the Hoboken Housing Authority was oh so impressive. The City of Hoboken recently had to ante up well over $350,000 just to have working locks in the HHA buildings. In government circles this is known as an investment following superior management.

Mister Carmelo isn’t officially and politically back in Hoboken yet but he’s yapping up a storm based on sources more reliable than the people who sold you Russia collusion hacked the election. By and by, FBI Director James Comey will testify to not knowing what every other snoop agency charged with foreign intelligence gathering has been up to since unconfirmed weekend reports of Project Dragnet leaked out and the gas lighting media will conclude with a lot of other nervous Congress critters and Deep State club members “final.”

So what’s the yip yap on Mr. Carmelo’s Mile Square revival? Reliable sources who admit to not wiretapping but possibly deploying more effective 21st century surveillance say Team DeFusco has been getting an earful from Mister Carmelo about his potential council at-large ticket. He has recommendations on who should be on it and wouldn’t you know, he’s convinced the first and foremost candidate who should be atop is him.

Carmelo Garcia (r) presses the flesh at Councilman Mike DeFusco’s fundraiser last month. He’s said to be insistent
he be on any council at-large ticket should the junior councilman get airborne with a mayoral bid.

Team DeFusco rumored to be weighing a press conference in recent days to announce Councilman Mike Defusco’s mayoral bid doesn’t need the added pressure. While there’s silence to the uncorroborated slate with former councilman and late NHSA commissioner Tony Soares and subsidized/affordable housing advocate Cheryl Fallick joining, Team DeFusco is likely more concerned about fundraising numbers.

An end of March deadline for campaign reports will be uploaded around April 15th by NJ ELEC when the state agency disseminates the numbers to anyone in the public curious enough to look. Team DeFusco may not have the best news to report since its first quarter fundraiser last month created all the buzz. There’s been meetings with developers and others inside and outside of the Mile Square City but is it likely to generate at least 35K collected and deem a pending mayoral candidacy for real?

Since the council at-large names bandied about on a Team DeFusco council slate aren’t going to be writing any large checks, serious numbers need to come from somewhere. The early momentum from the DeFusco fundraiser at Cadillac Cantina may not have produced the kind of numbers likely to impress other would be campaign check writers.

Which brings us back to Mister Carmelo. He’s living large pulling down almost six figures two times over in Newark, courtesy of its woebegone taxpayers. He pulled in some coin from around New Jersey for his Assembly seat reelection except State Senator Stack pulled the plug on any such notion. Mister Carmelo has the wherewithal to convince others to ante up or at least he did when it came to Hoboken Housing Authority vendors with seven figure contracts he doled out without informing his overseers on the HHA board.

It may be that kind of “innovation” Team DeFusco needs to make a serious statement to Mile Square City and Soprano State campaign investors. Short of that, a disappointing report on April 15th could short-circuit any ambition Councilman DeFusco holds to run for mayor this year. Campaigns need money, especially when their candidate is relatively unknown and taking on an incumbent with a solid track record as is the case with Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Perhaps, Councilman DeFusco can team up with Joe Piscopo. He’s pondering his own gubernatorial bid and has better name recognition. That is a key factor in campaign fundraising, one that the junior councilman may be discovering he doesn’t have.

All of this may make Mister Carmelo’s loquacious bid to find a political vehicle back on the Hoboken political ladder pointless leaving his sycophants lonely as they sing a revised old Mr. Bill SNL skit song, “Here comes Mister Carmelo nowwwwww.”

Well, there’s always that frivolous lawsuit he’s revived three times to date going back to the summer of 2013. No sight of a settlement offer from the City of Hoboken but this time there’s a pending civil action against him by the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Doesn’t anyone have a modicum of respect for a political shakedown using the courts in this town any more?

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