Grist for the Mill: Finboy turns into super scum AquaMole

The “one” Hoboken campaign spending perhaps more than the other two combined, the walking dead connected to the Raia-Mason ticket have a target on their backs and the Ramos campaign folks are itching to lay into them beginning with a recall of Timmy Occhipinti who occupies the fourth ward council seat.

The Ramos folks would like to get help from Reform but like the previous feints of a Beth Mason recall, they’ll have to own it if they decide to go that route.  Who would you rather see on the dais, a defanged droll Timmy droning on and on starting every sentence with “this administration” or a revived Ruben Ramos who would double team effectively with Councilman Michael Russo in making lots of noise?

While official numbers will come later, the Raia-Mason campaign probably blew through well over a quarter million dollars although it won’t be reported on ELEC that way.  (Beth Mason breaks Hoboken election laws regularly.  Laws are for the little people she passes on you.)  How a campaign could blow through this amount and feature TV commercials, talk shows yet not even be able to pull in 20% of the vote will be the talk of Hudson County and beyond for months to come.  It’s another one way trip on the SS Mason-Titanic.  (MSV told you this was coming but we only get paid by resident subscribers not the big buck operatives to… well to double cross Beth Mason according to Grafix Avenger.)

Finboy, dubbed AquaMole, reportedly double-dealed his way through the entire election cycle beginning early this year backing Ruben Ramos but never convincing Beth Mason to do so.  He continued to meet regularly with a pro-Ramos crew including political consultant Paul Swibinski, Councilman Michael Russo and the Chief of Staff to Union City Mayor Brian Stack, Mark Albiez leading into the election night disaster showing the Raia-Mason slate crashing and burning.  Was he looking to be added to the Old Guard list cashing in on the millions in profits of Vision 20/20?

If true and the whispers among the Old Guard says it is, what can Beth Mason do?  The Weehawken fish sits on her suspect board, the “charity” called the Mason Civic League and knows where all the bodies are buried; ones the FBI didn’t unearth in its 2011 Data Theft Conspiracy investigation not to mention that Mason inspired toilet spiraling SLAPP suit.  Tommy can you hear me?

Finboy, the Weehawken fish and long time paid political operative of Beth Mason is said to be a super duper scumbag dubbed AquaMole.  According to an exclusive on Grafix Avenger, he double-dealed in the Old Guard campaigns torpedoing the Raia-Mason slate and making an utter fool of Frank “Pupie” Raia and Beth Mason.  Way to go FinBoy!

Ruben Ramos will want to leverage his recent support, much of it from the Hispanic population and may look to convert them in a possible challenge for the Freeholder county seat up next year.  The line is already growing if he wants to punch that ticket.  Beth Mason per usual is moving ahead with her next political operation and could try to buy that office too. She needs to glom on to something, anything before her council life expires.  Wait, is that sticker up already?

Incumbent Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano is however in no mood to surrender the Freeholder seat especially with Ramos pointing at him as a frenemy needing replacing.  Romano is confident he’ll see strong local and county political support when the race for his seat comes up next November.

Jamie Cryan a Union County plant some say of cousin and less than savory Assemblyman Joe Cryan was looking to establish a beachhead into Hoboken.  The Assemblyman sent over $8,000 in three county routes from down yonder including one, $4,000 from a PAC called Union County Democrats.  That’s illegal by $2,000 and wheeling but add it to another example in the long line of Timmy Occhipinti’s eager beaver willingness to sell out Hoboken.  What Pupie and Mason’s money wasn’t enough for the developer loving Timmy?

The Hudson Tea building, a sleeping giant in town awoke when the Monarch project turned into a next door threat breaking a legal promise by Ironstate Development re: Applied Housing to build tennis courts and put up residential towers in its place.  When concerned Hoboken residents reached out to Beth Mason, she did what she typically does in her removed from reality overstaffed way: she ignored them.  They didn’t forget and her later attempts to gain their support pretending she’s not beholden to the Barry family for delivering Applied Housing votes in 2011 clearly didn’t impress them.  They turned out last week in the hundreds to vote against Ruben Ramos and Mason lackey Timmy Occhipinti.

Thank you very much Eli and Abby Manning!  Giants have won three in a row concluding election season.  If you sight a frothing at the mouth Masonista, make sure to get them to a kennel for rabies shots.  The dwindling (paid) group of Beth Mason’s rabid Reform and Zimmerists haters had pinned all their embittered hopes on the Giants rough start blaming it on the curse of Mayor Zimmer.  Like the mayor, Eli’s election season turned around.  Hey, people know and love a winner even when the chips on occasion are down.

Reports of the fight at Raia-Mason HQ featuring Ramos backer Nick Calicchio say he did in fact have his legal firearm with him when he arrived.  There’s been no police report on the dust up war of words and City Hall is looking into why.  Just another one of “those things.”

One fourth ward voter saw the mad scramble between the Ramos campaign and Raia-Mason’s VBM machine and decided to accept a cash payment offered by the former.  According to one eyewitness, that person then went to the polls and proudly told everyone within listening range after he voted for Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Operation Bounty is not only in effect; it’s gaining headway.  Are we allowed to say thank you on behalf of the Department of Justice?  Keep the leads coming!  Every new lead is a gift in the education of Rory Chadwick.  At least the man pays his bets but now he has to use all that kleenex he was offering.

Speaking of bets, what Hoboken Tea resident laid down a $500 bet with Finboy AquaMole that Ruben Ramos would make mincemeat of Timmy Occhipinti in the mayoral race?  He’s residing in the former domicile of one John Corea and could use that chunk of change for maintenance fees.  Don’t pay him in quarters FinBoy but just pay him.  You can afford it, ya slimy double dipper.

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