Grist for the Mill: Federales in, Federales out: Hoboken turns its lonely eyes to you

When it comes to the Feds, often enough it’s a game of musical chairs. Who’s left standing and holding the bag sometimes comes down to who talked last.

In 2011, Hoboken was swamped with Feds who investigated the conspiracy of massive looting of emails coming and going out of the mayor’s office. The conspirators got to take a walk and up the road a mayor’s son took a little tumble for next to nothing in comparison. 
The talkers got their “stuff” put into the ever expanding Hoboken file cabinet and all the wired audiotapes with it. Why ask why.
Which leads us to the present day law enforcement dilemmas in the Mile Square City. Let’s start with the latest round of voter fraud out of that bastion of good citizenship: the Hoboken Housing Authority. Any expectation of a round up after the November BoE election courtesy of law enforcement may be promptly put to rest. While evidence was investigated and collected by the county Board of Elections, one reliable source described it as useful in only tossing bad ballots. 
As the chain of custody was broken by the VBM fraud soldiers, county investigators applied that information to satisfy internal rules on counting the ballot, nothing more. The dozens of issues illuminated allowed the county to eliminate the bad ballot but it doesn’t give the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office any more useful information to pursue then in any other given year. Chalk up another victory for the bad guys and let’s party. Everybody into the pool!
Looking at recent history, the 2010 fourth ward special election remains the best case where actual useful voter data pointed to obvious fraud giving law enforcement its best shot to stop the practice of exploiting people annually in the HHA at election time. Relevant evidence was broken down and spelled out on MSV but in the end yielded a lot of yelling among the Old Guard but no handcuffs.
Of course the term exploitation applies infrequently depending on which Old Guard team you happen to be on in a given year. As for 2014, let’s quote ole Blue Eyes and say about the take in the VBM fraud; it was a very good year. It didn’t alter the final outcome of the three BoE victors, just shuffled the lineup.
The federal investigations in the HHA however continue apace. The questions keep coming here but the Distorter and other local “media” remain mum saying nothing of the blooming story confirmed by a Hoss and broken first by the Hudson County View. It just hits too close to home and self-identified biases. 
As the slow foot of justice steps forward, the more hissy fits you hear, the more likely a criminal attorney is delving deeper into a retainer to keep his client out of the clink. Da Horsey already inquired to give him a shout. Where’s the thanks Memo in not giving his phone number? It’s not billable, promise.
Between the lines, the Distorter glimpsed the veracity on MSV about Hoboken’s self-anointed counte$$ and a shudder was felt between 14th street, Weehawken and up the hill in Union City. It was way too soon for a bored, do-nothing councilwoman to be making public moves on State Senator Brian Stack’s Assembly seat let alone restart the early Blaggo type bidding. 
The back pedaling came not a week later attributing interest in the occupado Assembly seat for Hoboken and Jersey City as nothing more then an anonymous “someone” attempting to run interference on an upcoming Carmelo Garcia fundraiser.
As if.
More aimless chatter about State Senator Stack breathing life back into “The Wire.” 
As if.
Once again, there’s a warm body taking a purple hazed Sully for a ride. Who are you to believe, the hardcore top flight statewide reporter at PolitickerNJ who set up his prey in spectacular fashion or the beat poet guy Hoboken’s Old Guard runs a train on almost weekly?
No further evidence needs to be highlighted than the dopey website Beth Mason has up all but continuously announcing her willingness to buy a political job, any political office for sale. Is there yet another effort ongoing to buy the Hudson County judicial system?
How’d that work out the last time? An out of town bottom feeding fish should start looking for legal representation. A little problem cooked up is getting out of hand. That’s too bad.

Clap your hands if you feel like testifying is the truth.

Speaking of buying justice, the Jersey Sting is a great read aging better than fine wine. A recent re-read only adds to the depth of the work. One prominent convicted felon saw karma turn back his proclamation of who got ground into powder. As they say, history has a habit of repeating itself.
Ready to head back to court and take the stand Petey boy? 
Can’t wait.

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