Grist for the Mill: Expunged from the BoE race?

Here Hoboken sits in the doggiest days of summer and the rumor mill is churning. Is it only a rumor?

A reliable source suggests there’s going to be a mid-summer implosion in the eight candidate field in the Board of Education election.

The word floating on still, humid air in the Mile Square is there’s not one but two candidates who are making their withdrawals from the November election.

That was fast.

MSV contacted both parties over the weekend seeking to confirm but both would be BoE commissioners are either too hot or too bothered to confirm the “unforeseen circumstances” that enveloped them worse than the Miami summer weather hitting our area.

Let’s give them time to come out of the cold.

Six candidates left would mean a mano a mano battle with the Reach Higher ticket.

Perennial candidate Patricia Waiters announced a conspiracy to keep her out of the race but says she will run as a write-in candidate. What, Mister Carmelo didn’t tell his former aide the filing deadline?

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