Grist for the Mill Election Poll Stunner: Jen Giattino surges into tie with Ravi Bhalla!

UPDATE: This gristy special has blown the lid off the Hoboken mayoral race. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it. There’s anger and desperate measures at spin control. Better late than never cave dwellers.

The open question standing: has Jen Giattino already taken the lead?

The exclusive grist from Tuesday morning:

With three weeks to Election Day, word on the street of the latest poll shows City Council President Jen Giattino in a statistical tie with mayoral rival Ravi Bhalla!

The most recent Hoboken mayoral poll shows both top candidates in the mid-20s. Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano is not far behind in third place but all three are within the margin of error as Mike DeFusco sits in the high teens.

The latest poll snapshot shows part of the motivation for the recent attacks focused on City Council President Jen Giattino. With a grass roots campaign, Giattino has managed to climb atop the mountain while being vastly outspent by her main rival Ravi Bhalla.

Additional indicators say Jen Giattino is the second choice of all three of her main rivals.

City Council President Jen Giattino flanked by Dana Wefer and Moran’s owner
Lenny Hehir last summer at her fundraiser.

The Giattino surge as reported in recent weeks is peaking as all the campaigns pour their efforts into overdrive. Whispers have begun to question the withdrawal of Mayor Zimmer in late June and if the plan was hatched too soon to switch Councilman Ravi Bhalla in and shut down stronger alternatives.

Last February, Ravi Bhalla headlined a fundraiser with the mayor uptown and observers wonder if the plan to insert him after Mayor Zimmer’s stunning withdrawal was hatched months earlier back then.

Some political observers believe the plan to forestall a bid by City Council President Jen Giattino has gone awry at the worst possible time. “It’s notable that Jen’s campaign is the target of so much hysteria with three weeks to go,” one keen Hoboken insider offered.

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Readers here were informed of the Ravi Bhalla campaign poll taken last Friday. An effort to counter this morning’s MSV grist column today with vague pronouncements showing zip is further evidence of which candidate is on the rise and who is tanking. Nuff said.

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