Grist for the Mill: Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls…

City Hall is buzzing along quietly with the work of a slow but steady summer bee hive but the activity inside is more frenetic than you would think based on the BoE buzzsaw which has pretty much run amok sucking out the attention in our drama fueled land.

The latest action has staked out a road unpaved with more toil and trouble bubbling to the surface in the ongoing battle where most of the salvos have been aimed at Kids First from the internet keyboard armies of Maureen First’s Real Results legion.  This latest salvo returned fire by new Hoboken blog entrant: Graphic Avenger.  Education commissioner Bret Schundler several times Sunday night gave props to the Hoboken Board of Ed for pulling off a maneuver not seen anywhere else in the state: union concessions in education negotiations.  Schundler was focusing on the statewide issues asking for support for the Governor’s amendment to empower local BoEs further, but that didn’t mesh with some of the latest Real Results attacks on the custodian contract.  The Wild Ginger sushi tasted sour for some guests but they’ll rebound sooner than later.  With all this rain, there’s plenty more mud readily at hand.

Speaking of sour, what happened to the positive, happy Nathan Brinkman campaign of yore seen just last November?  The Real Results campaign manager’s predicted positive campaign appears to have been hijacked in its entirety with unrelenting online mudslinging that saw a potential superintendent turn tail and walk earlier.  And all the Real Results mud is flying in one direction: at Kids First.  (This while Frank Raia quietly assembles his slate and waits until the moment to jump in when the carnage is over.  Pupie didn’t even have to pay the $29 dinner fee for the Lincoln Dinner the other night.  He arrived during Q&A and then spent some time speaking with the education commissioner afterward.)  Real Results appears more intent on damaging Kids First then offering any ideas or details regarding how they would do better even viewed against the spendthrift BoE period when Pupie sat on the board.

If this “voice” isn’t Nathan’s, who’s is it?   A look at the similar voting records since last year between Kids First and former slate member Maureen Sullivan makes it pretty clear.  If you can’t run on a record of real world differences, well just make it up with pie in the sky platitudes and keep the mud flying.  Is that a path to victory?  Well who said anything about winning?

Uncoordinated as it would no doubt be claimed, this “strategy” also stars the return of the angry little man who weaves a mean conspiracy or two.  When that doesn’t click, he’s off weaving new ones, naming new enemies who are just politically active citizens donating their professional talents in service to Hoboken (unpaid mind you) and who just refuse to accept the inevitable arrival of the Mason Government-in-exile in any shape or form.  If the creature can not overtake city hall, they will settle for the BoE.  If not that, then scorched earth and hate to all our friends, sorry enemies.  Those loyal to the Masonite crown or pocketbook are smaller than ever but their character assassination morphs faster than their screen names.

Okay, so other than the fiscal revolutionaries taking to the Hospital Board what else is new?  Well the conspiracy theories that have abounded saying Councilman Mike Lenz will assume the role of Business Administrator should be dying a quick death sooner than later.  The search for this position, a high priority indicated by the mayor in a February interview with Da Horsey is coming to an end.  The conspiracy weavers though just don’t take to an obvious truth too readily.  A local candidate not far up the road is awaiting the final bow tie of approval before an announcement.  Not quite as far up the road as Fort Lee, MSV wouldn’t dare breathe his name if for no other reason than to stave off another round of local internet attacks.  When you are a sore loser of boundless potential, there’s no telling which government move you will attack if for no other reason than you can’t gin up anything better.

They’ll find another bogeyman.  They always do.

Update: The rumor of a hire shortly proved inaccurate.  MSV was informed of this and told there are interviews still to be completed and of course any applicant who meets the knowledge requirements for the state of NJ should also not hesitate to apply.


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