Grist for the Mill: Construction official Al Arezzo sought for suspension


A construction code official was sought to be served legal papers due to alleged failure to comply with financial disclosure requirements. Apparently, the official in question – Al Arezzo, the town Construction Code Official may have been asked to do so and refused after 30 days notice came and went.  Or is it related to some other matter ongoing for a long period of time?

Not in the office today, police and legal servers were said to be in the field where Al Arezzo was expected to be working but he could not be found at any of the anticipated locations.

Once served, Arezzo’s suspension will prompt a hearing at City Hall. All city materials including keys, office materials and vehicle will be confiscated pending the hearing.

Arrezzo a fixture for decades in City Hall has been involved in many dustups. featured one in this story:

A search of his name at produces a string of them.

Update: Al may be on the lam and avoiding the papers that will suspend him.  There’s been a lot of rumors flying around and this one has made a little of folks hungry for more grist.

With Helmer’s moaning over the loss of business, there’s still no comment from anyone at City Hall.  A number of reporters have noted the same thing and people have wondered if it could be anything from the FBI to a mishap around some course requirement to financial statements.

When the final information can be verified, one thing is certain.  Al Arezzo will be suspended and a complete announcement will answer why.  For now this story stays in the strictly rumor column of Grist for the Mill.

Grist for the Mill is a rumor piece and is comprised by tips of information from various sources.  No one in City Hall would comment on the particulars of this story but there’s something most definitely up.  Submissions may be sent with anonymity protected to

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