Grist for the Mill: BOE tonight: Is he or isn’t he?

In our linked story over the weekend, Frank Romano was mentioned as a potential winner among the two finalists for Hoboken’s new school superintendent.  MSV has learned that both sides of the Hoboken school board have been investigating his background extensively with dozens of reference checks.  Does this mean he will get the nod?  It’s unclear based on the public statements by School Board President Rose Marie Markle but negotiations have begun with an unnamed candidate.

A closed session considering a final candidate would take place after negotiations are complete.  Tonight at 7:00?

Update 1:39: A source based in Fort Lee and a close observer to the Board of Education there noted Mr. Romano has “done a decent job here” and “people don’t want him to go” adding, “He’s going to be missed and you are (will be) lucky to get him.”

Update: 11:00 – In a 7-2 vote, the Hoboken Board of Education has voted overwhelmingly to approve Frank Romano as Superintendent of Hoboken schools.  Maureen Sullivan and Carrie Gilliard have split with the Kids First coalition by refusing to make the choice unanimous.

Earlier today, a source close to the Fort Lee Board of Education indicated Romano’s interest in pursuing a superintendent position, a primary reason for his seeking to depart Fort Lee but this was cited as one of the reasons for dissent and the fracture of the Kids First Coalition vote.

A temporary Hoboken High School principal has also been named: Albert Joy.

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