Grist for the Mill: Beth Mason pays over $200,000 for photo with Hillary Clinton


The national debate on influence peddling at the hightest levels of government may reach its zenith with the hundreds of millions of dollars coming to light to the Clinton Foundation, mostly from foreign governments but in Hoboken the question arrives on the local front.

Once again, it’s the Mason family checkbook front and center.

The Hoboken streets are abuzz with the latest attempt by Beth Mason to appear relevant and this time it comes with a whopper pricetage for a photo with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The purported pricetag for Beth Mason’s photo with Hillary Clinton: over $200,000!

While individuals may donate far less for political candidates, Super PACs obliterate the limits making national campaigns a slugfest of dollars. Hillary Clinton is reportedly seeking to set a new record for her campaign warchest: $2.5 billion.

The photo below is cropped and untouched with no other changes from Beth Mason’s public Facebook page.

Word on the street is on fire in Hoboken with the buzz Beth Mason’s family checkbook spent more 
than $200,000 for a picture with Hillary Clinton. Last week, MSV broke the news the controversial councilwoman with a checkered history of eagerness to do harm to Hoboken and its residents for cynical political advantage was ejected by the Old Guard in favor of BoE trustee Peter Biancamano. Days later, a planted story in the Hudson Reporter said Mason will look for a “federal job” via a Hillary Clinton pathway bypassing any humiliating defeat in the second ward election this November.
Any federal job for Beth Mason may have to wait. The Presidential election isn’t until November 2016 and a new president isn’t set to take office until January 2017.

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The new book due out in days, “Clinton Cash” is getting national attention and the author says he now has full time security and it’s “not something that just came because we decided to have security. And we’ll just leave it at that.”

Peter Schweizer is also the author of “Throw them all out” and “Extortion.” He appeared in Hoboken to promote “Throw them all out,” covering political corruption on both sides of the aisle.

MSV covered the event in March 2012.

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