Grist for the Mill: Anthony “Stick” Romano gets his 15 minutes in Vision 20/20

Anthony “Stick” Romano is getting his 15 minutes in local attention as he ponders much like Hamlet his future and the desire to sit on the second floor mayoral chair at City Hall.

Over the weekend, he shared his Hamletian thoughts on running clearly showing with the summer months ahead in Hoboken and most looking elsewhere, he’s not going to bow out until his full 15 minutes is up.

Romano didn’t show much inclination to convince himself of taking on Hoboken’s popular mayor in the form of Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  He sounded more like a man looking for a reason to not run but if there’s anything on his wish list, he can’t get it at City Hall if he doesn’t run.

Unlike most who are intimate among the Old Guard, Romano doesn’t bash the mayor.  He’s spoken of Mayor Zimmer as being a formidable opponent months ago and is not bashful to speak of her current popularity and string of successes from saving the hospital to overhauling the City’s finances, reducing spending and cutting taxes.  His view of her performance with Hurricane Sandy is like vast majority in and outside Hoboken – very positive unlike declared mayoral challenger Ruben Ramos who has come out from behind proxies directly criticizing the mayor stating Hoboken wasn’t well prepared.

At the HudCo level, Stick can only contemplate what county politicos might do for him. Frank “Pupie” Raia is pushing him but there’s only so much funding he can do himself even if he his very motivated to see Ruben Ramos stopped. (After seeing the Assembly seat under Brian Stack go to Ramos pal Carmelo Garcia, Raia is burning red hot embers for payback.)  With Romano acting as chair to the county legislature board of freeholders, a political problem is right up ahead as he’ll need to vote on a big tax increase for Hoboken courtesy of the County fat cats who “slashed” a few million from their almost half a billion annual budget at the last meeting. (Have these people learned the term attrition or headcount reduction yet?)

If rumors weeks back hold true, the votes on the County budget were up in the air on passage meaning Romano can’t throw away his with a no vote.  HudCo is very protective of its monopoly and doesn’t like the idea of the chairman of the freeholders voting against their tax increases – makes the other monopoly players look bad.

Romano’s zenith may already be passing with the County not being able to motivate him with a carrot as many are already getting behind Ruben Ramos, although the effectiveness of their support is unclear in an independent Hoboken where professionals are becoming more aware of local issues and the dangers the Old Guard brings on a regular basis and the poison pill they are desperate to inflict on the City.

That “Vision for Hoboken” as it turns out doesn’t have flooding or taxes as its number one priority but Vision 20/20, an enrichment program for the Old Guard and their friends giving many a golden parachute to build new shore homes and a get out of dodge before it “hits the fan” – when the full impact is realized in piecemeal building approvals never presented as a whole or the resulting negative costs (in public safety and education costs) when Hoboken residents realize both their environment and taxes have been hoodwinked.  The Hoboken Sopranos call these side effects a benefit – more votes and more locked in public safety costs re: jobs.

The Old Guard intention is to shove down as much of Vision 20/20 down Hoboken’s throat as possible, by hook or by crook, take unplanned midnight votes and avoid presenting to all the people what the true intentions on the expansion are until it’s a done deal.

Of course none of this is on paper and no process is being followed least of all a required redevelopment plan of the entire Vision 20/20 project.  For something of this size and scope it’s an affront to all Hoboken people.

That’s one problem undeclared candidate Stick Romano doesn’t have to answer to but if he runs, he’ll probably try to run away from the controversy.  As it stands, mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos can’t although his council slate must be aghast at being the “professional” looking cannon fodder expected to make palatable the Vision 20/20 scam.

You haven’t heard one word from Joe Mindak and Laura Miani on any of this have you?  Welcome to Hoboken Old Guard politics kiddies. You’ve been adopted as the poster children to sell the biggest lie in Hoboken since four million quarters disappeared to a mob connected south Jersey arcade company.

Better get some of that Old Guard-Hoboken Sopranos speed fabricating coursework done and pronto.
See Tim Occhipinti as an example of how to claim integrity as a candidate and lie to the public’s face at every turn.

If Stick Romano gets into the mayoral race, there’ll be a huge Old Guard battle.
It’ll be an all out war in the fourth ward for the vote-by-mail harvest, an OG exploitation staple.

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason, the councilwoman who has to mull over more than Hamlet if it’s okay to accept state and federal grants to repave Washington and Sinatra Drive has no such qualms when it comes to the massive plans for Vision 20/20.

For the councilwoman who almost always requires more information to do anything positive for Hoboken, she’s been all in from moment one backing Vision 20/20 that has seen no redevelopment documentation, no plan to the public, no public input – zilch.

Mason stamped her approval on the massive scam anyway publishing it on the politically vile website Hoboken411 following with a letter in the weekend paper.

This of course comes at no surprise. Although Beth Mason has no need herself to cash in with developers and exploiting the fourth ward and all of Hoboken in such an enterprise, she’s firmly in the grip of the grifting crew who does.  They are looking to cash in a lot more than they did on her gargantuan $50,000 plus in street money expenditures in 2011.

At the last council meeting, lots of whispering chatter on that end of the table, reassuring Mason she’s so loved and part of Hoboken’s #1 grifting family. Until she and her family checkbook are tossed overboard of course.

What’s that saying about milking the cow for free?

Vote-by-mail satirical graphic, courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

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