Grist for the Mill: 6th ward committee election sweep?

As tonight’s critical vote for the municipal garage is about to take place, confirmation on the provisionals in the Hoboken Democratic Committee is reportedly so low, winners were notified of their victories late Friday by City Hall.

As reported here on Friday, provisional ballots were anticipated to be no more than a handful, possibly eight and not expected to impact the outcome of any of the Democratic Committee races.  Although the final numbers won’t be confirmed until Monday, the mayor’s Column B candidates are expected to take 40 seats easily surpassing the Michelle Russo led “Real Dems” group total of 32.

In the sixth ward, there’s word it may be close to a complete sweep for the mayor or possibly 13 of 14 of the district’s candidates going for Column B.  Two winners in the sixth ward were mistakenly claimed by Michelle Russo and in fact are backing Column B.  They were never with Column C!  More on that tomorrow.

MSV will have the full complete details of the Committee races including the ward by ward breakdown.

Councilman Nino Giacchi (pictured left) represents the sixth ward.

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