Grist for the Mill

No matter how you slice it, 40,000 people just isn’t enough to stop the small town rumor mill. Hoboken has more rumors flying around than many remote towns in Alaska where one oddball teacher started a rumor of the Palin’s marriage heading to divorce. Picked up by the national media, this sent stroller mom’s across the country into a tizzy. No matter your politics, or what married men say, there is no greater fantasy of married men than Sarah Palin. She looks great, handles all the shopping/cooking and is even known to go out and bag the vittles herself. One suspects that a woman that can not only make dinner but hunt it is about as low maintenance as a girl gets.

Some of the latest we’ve heard:

Councilwoman Beth Mason is already gearing up for another mayoral bid. After announcing to announce for the November winner take all mayoral election, not minutes after the swearing in of acting mayor Zimmer, she’s been having pow wows with a certain prominent political consultant who’s name is not Italian sounding in origin. And on the day of the air disaster over the Hudson, Beth showed up in the afternoon easily taking the crown of most smashing, including the acting mayor who did a quick presser for the media with the Governor.

Who gets dressed up for a stroll at a disaster site? Hey, I like a gal who can stand out in the crowd as much as anyone but this may have been a trite much. But hey Beth, you look mahvelous! Da horsey would say she almost looked sparkley but doesn’t want to invite a lawsuit for copyright infringement from Dustin Hoffman.

Does Beth now have a political fashion consultant on the payroll? She looked “that” good. She even created fashion envy among the TV women “reporters.”

Hat tip: The Hoboken Journal

Pedestrian walkway between Jersey City and Hoboken, is it a good thing? The weather is heating up into the dog days of summer and the town’s southern walkway connection is going to create the first major pedestrian thoroughfare between the towns. Will it inspire a flood of Jersey City residents flocking into downtown Hoboken? Will the people of those nearby high rises come and make mayhem in our quaint town? People are hysterically divided on the point.

A whisper campaign to find a “true” local candidate in place of adopted son, yuppie crook lawyer Cammarano is underway. With Mike “code of silence” Russo getting married, it’s doubtful he’s going to end the honeymoon early and strike out for the corner office at City Hall. But what about his cousin, Terry Castellano? She appears to fit the bill and has all the advantages of being a woman should the November race become a woman’s affair, and lacks the toxic last name of daddy Anthony.

Park & 6th Comfort Food opened its doors and sports a sandwich called the Eli Manning. Did that roast beef masterpiece inspire Eli in bagging that huge Giants contract? Who knows but they make great food and are an inspirational addition to the neighborhood.

Perry Klaussen the mad self-proclaimed genius of Hoboken411 is patting himself on the back for “breaking” the story of the air disaster over the Hudson. Claims his “friends” pushed him to do it. Why would someone want to lay claim for breaking a story in New Jersey for nine souls lost in a disaster when we reside in a Tri-State media market?

Perry who runs the comments section in his blog with an iron fist similar to an Iranian mullah, (be careful of your political comments, back the wrong candidate and your posts could end up in the ether) is now doing hit and runs on other web sites to pursue his other pastime: nasty hit jobs on the acting mayor.

Word on the street is he’s undertaken this operation at Hoboken Revolt’s website, the organization that hosted the biggest protest party seen at City Hall in many years. Adopting a Taliban like burka disguise, Perry appears to be a certain anonymous “Hobokengirl” who’s inspired complaints about insufficient mayoral salary reductions mirror his same empty rhetoric on Hoboken411. He even goes as far as quoting himself, linking to old Hoboken411 stories. Transparently, “she” also complains that people should stop attacking Hoboken411.

Smarty wonders if Perry actually gets dressed up like a girl when he undertakes these internet hit jobs? Although we find Hoboken411’s political censorship distasteful, we still like his dog Oscar. Don’t hate the hater’s dog, hate the owner.

Citizen Peter Cammarano, Hoboken’s favorite town villain, is quietly going about trying to move forward after his disgraceful exit from the mayor’s office. No longer being squired around by his personal driver/bodyguard Angel “the Hack” Alicea in a taxpayer paid SUV, he must be working on his defense but yet no word on a fundraiser for the Cammarano Legal Defense Fund. Is the fund already so well loaded by Gov. Corzine and his friends that one isn’t even necessary?

Have a juicy carrot for da horsey? Well let Smarty know: and it may become grist for the mill.

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