Greg Lincoln to Mike Russo – ‘Explain the illegal taxpayer paid benefits’

Greg Lincoln for Council announces:


Greg Lincoln, Hoboken 3rd Ward City Council candidate, demands an explanation for why Councilman Michael Russo overlooked the health benefits that his father, former Hoboken Mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo, has been illegally collecting from the City. These benefits were supposed to have been cancelled following former Mayor Russo’s conviction and imprisonment for taking bribes and illegal cash payments.    On March 11, 2011, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer released a letter to City Council stating that a recent audit uncovered that former Mayor Russo was still receiving health benefits on the City health care plan even though he was not qualified to receive them.

“It is outrageous that at a time when people are struggling to pay their own health care costs the Russo family is caught yet again taking care of themselves at the expense of the Hoboken taxpayer,”  says Greg Lincoln. 

Does Councilman Russo expect the residents and taxpayers of Hoboken to believe he had no knowledge that his father was illegally receiving health benefits from the City of Hoboken? In the December 3, 2008 City Council meeting, Councilman Russo boasted that “it was very simple to calculate” the former employees who were illegally receiving health benefits from the City. If it was so easy, how did Councilman Russo overlook the name of his father on the list of those illegally receiving health benefits?

“Third Ward residents and Hoboken taxpayers have had enough of Councilman Russo constantly putting his family’s interests ahead of the City’s. It’s time for the dishonesty and hypocrisy to end,” says Greg Lincoln.

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Mayor Zimmer’s letter to City Council, March 11, 2011, stating termination of former Mayor Russo’s health benefits, in “Ethics Ordinance” on page 2 of:

Video of Dec. 3, 2008 Hoboken City Council meeting where Councilman Russo claims to have uncovered evidence of employees illegally receiving health benefits:

Hudson Reporter article, March 2, 2006, by Tom Jennemann, stating former Mayor Russo’s termination of health benefits:

Hudson Reporter article, January 25, 2009, by Tim Carroll, explaining Councilman Russo’s confusion over the number of employees illegally receiving health benefits:–It-was-a-mistake-Five-not-qualified-but-receiving-city-benefits–two-others-under-review-

UPDATE: The logjam of silence on this Russo taxpayer ripoff in Hoboken outside of MSV and the Hoboken Journal has finally ended with a story up now at the Hudson Reporter, usually slower and more geared to their weekend paper.

Nothing though on the Jersey Journal or Hoboken Patch.

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