Governor Murphy, ‘Out with Freeholder’ in with Maskholder?

Maskholders are the new slaveholders

Please bear in mind:

  • If you live in a town of 55,000 and there is reported a handful of CCP virus, you’re in dire danger
  • There’s absolutely nothing we can do but wear masks and not vote at the polls #science
  • Marxist led protests are deemed safe and do not spread the pandemic; support & participate
  • HCQ combination therapy is dangerous and will kill you even if data and survivors prove the opposite
  • Much of the deaths occur in nursing homes but the governors are not responsible 
  • Dissent is not patriotic; it’s racist
  • The government is only asking you to help us flatten the curve and means you no harm 
  • You, your family and friends may be economically destroyed but the government is here to help
  • Children don’t get ill, transmit the virus but schools must remain closed for “safety reasons”
  • Don’t believe the data in Hoboken and New Jersey; embrace FearPorn not logic
  • The Party is never wrong
This reality based satire is dedicated to Hermo.

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