The Gov. Christie Toolkit: Actual Legislation

Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor Dawn Zimmer during the Q&A session earlier today.

Here’s the toolkit legislation discussed in today’s town hall meeting in Hoboken today:

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Talking Ed Note: The kickoff around New Jersey in this discussion is officially underway.  The battle lines are clear and the usual voices on different sides will be heard, in fact an advertising campaign to stop all of these proposals is being broadcast on the airwaves.  But will it work?  All of this remains unclear.

For now, MSV can note the new paradigm of forces at work.  Unifying beyond party lines to tackle the reality of a $11 billion deficit in a state with a budget less than three times that should give everyone pause.  It hasn’t. As an example of this, see the discussion in part two of the video below between Gov. Christie and Councilwoman Beth Mason.   At the 27:00 minute mark it all unfolds.  You can click on the scroll ahead to find the start point.

What is also clear is Mayor Zimmer is going beyond partisan politics and recognizes her efforts locally are directly tied to the effectiveness of the Governor in these proposals.  Ironically, this town hall meeting occurs on the very first business day after state fiscal control.  The mayor clearly recognizes this is a necessity not an option.  MSV will try to get some Q&A time to ask some related questions as reader InfotainMe suggested.

Let’s leave the reader to evaluate the objective information available for the moment.  It’s all there on video and now here in the legislation you can download too.

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