Gov. Christie Live in Hoboken – complete video

Part 1 of Gov. Christie’s visit to Hoboken:

Part 2:

This section has a very interesting exchange during the Q&A section with Councilwoman Beth Mason at the 2700-28:00 minute mark on transportation and charity care funds to hospitals.  Gov. Christie details how funds were reduced in many areas around the state including for transportation but not for charity care that saw a $62 million increase.  He also mentions that the State of NJ was close to not making payroll for state employees without these cuts in the first week of March.  Reality check anyone?

Part 3:

This town hall meeting on statewide municipal reforms in Hoboken was carried live without the use of even wifi.  A wifi connection would provide much improved video but none was available.  Although there are some choppy points, the audio is almost completely clear throughout.  This is yet another Mile Square View exclusive as it doesn’t look like anyone else broadcast the event live anywhere else!

About 100 members from various Hoboken local groups were in attendance.

Mayor Zimmer indicated at the end of the presentation the legislation would be posted on the city website.  Not clear when but it will be probably sometime this week.

This feed is also now available at the Hoboken Journal and by written request.
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