Gov. Christie goes off the political speak rails again

Gov. Christie is starting to get a reputation but it’s not one his opponents would prefer.  Here’s the latest example of the governor getting into a Q&A disagreement with an opponent and taking the conflict head on and smacking the ball over the wall.  In this instance, it’s a teacher but for viewers, it’s becoming habit forming.

Of a dozen candidates discussed for the Republican nomination, his name is a regular feature.  After watching him speak to a number of details, the contrast to most politicians including many on the scene today explains why.

Here he takes on a teacher with some facts and figures. The audience sounds its approval but the teacher claims victory later anyway declaring how pleased she is. One can only hope her students exceed her low standards.

The Governor is about to make a push for pension reform:

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie next week will unveil legislation that aims to reduce the state’s $46 billion pension deficit by scaling back benefits and suspending cost-of-living increases, said a person familiar with details of the proposals.

     The measures would roll back a 9 percent increase in pension benefits that was enacted in 2001, and suspend cost-of-living increases for at least three years, said the person, who declined to be identified because he isn’t authorized to speak ahead of Christie’s announcement. 

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