Gov. Christie breaks issues and opposition down; will visit Hoboken Monday!

Gov. Christie will be visiting Hoboken on Monday as part of a process to introduce a toolkit for local municipalities to better manage costs that’s propelled New Jersey to the unenviable number one position – highest property taxes in the nation. The package will face a steep climb in the State Assembly (controlled by Democrats) although it probably will fare better in the State Senate and then in a required public referendum.

No matter how this develops, the Governor’s visit to Hoboken is looking to be a barn burner. Here’s a taste of the forthright Governor telling it like it is when a reporter tries to “frame” a question in what goes for the typical “news” approach these days.

This clip is sure to become a cult classic.

Gov Christie calls out Star Ledger columnist for his editorializing question indicting the Governor’s ‘confrontational tone’

People around the country are reportedly seeing this video and asking if they can get “one of these” for Governor.  Gov. Christie is visiting Hudson County but isn’t doing so to announce arrests of the corrupt political establishment.  This time he’s looking to fix the cost of its ills, along with the ailments around the whole state.

Godspeed sir.

Related: More details of the event and some interesting comments.  Change has come to both Hoboken and the State of New Jersey.  Some don’t like it even if the state is $11 billion in the red on a $30 billion budget.

Btw, Hoboken will have its first day of fiscal freedom beginning Monday.


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