Gov. Christie and Mayor Booker video goes viral

A Seinfeldish video staring Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker has gone viral.  It’s a comic effort featuring both in the style of Jerry Seinfeld referencing his arch nemesis Newman.

Da Horsey has seen both in person, the Governor when he visited Hoboken to launch a toolkit to limit and rollback taxes and Mayor Booker at a technology conference in Newark.

Gov. Christie early in his term demonstrated his populist strength and on leaving Hoboken, his exit was akin to watching a rock star depart with a moving swarm of people and media.   After Cory Booker’s speech we shared a few brief words afterwards.

Both men have tremendous ability to engage directly with the public but of course the Governor’s performance handling New Jersey’s deeply rooted financial problems with aplomb has seen him elevated to national prominence.

This video will see the popularity of both men lifted.

Both men do a great job here and serve the public well but in the end, We believe in Chris Christie.
He’s done the heavy lifting in all of New Jersey, long overdue.

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