Goodbye to 2010

With a week to go is it too soon to say goodbye to 2010?  Well things are slowing down with the countdown to New Years’a and people rushing to get all the last minute things done expected making the holidays frantic, harried and a drag for many.

So here’s a turn of hand from Jib Jab saying goodbye, perhaps early but hey this will be the last hurrah for many who plan trips and family get together’s heading to parts unknown tomorrow.

Hoboken has seen its share of ups and downs this year with municipal layoffs, a police reorg, initial tax reductions and a sinkhole.  All of it becomes fodder for the political operatives: the paid, the unpaid and those who hope to get paid who thought they were underpaid in Tim Occhipinti’s invisible army.  They all get another crack at the checkbook in 2011.

Hoboken will begin the new year with the coronation of Beth Mason as City Council President.  She’s the queen who will be your master of grandstanding ceremonies because well she paid for it.

Although not all media stories conveying the oddities of Tim Occhipinti’s fourth ward election campaign arrived until much after MSV, they got in just enough so things won’t look completely embarrassing should the NJ Attorney General’s office and/or the Hudson County prosecutor perform their duties and make Hoboken the poster child for deranged electioneering operations.

Some people like Hoboken the way it is and treat elections here like we’re some communist south of the border banana republic.  Well maybe they will be in for a surprise in 2011 too.

MSV will have more on the next step beyond Operation Bounty for 2011.  The New Jersey Attorney General is front and center.  More on that soon.

For now here’s some identity theft from our colleague, the Jolly Green Giant and Jib Jab specialist at the Hoboken Journal.

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