Gone but not forgotten

Beth Mason will attempt once again to get a pound of flesh with her trial set against MSV this Friday.

Her criminal allegations are now outstanding for almost a year and a half, a remnant of the hangover from court approved subpoenas to her and Richard Mason in a failed political operation: the Bajardi v. Pincus SLAPP-suit.

Thanks for all the kind wishes and support as we gear up again for justice.

The truth shall be illuminated.


For those who wish to stand up for justice:

Background from last September: 

Location: 365 Summit Avenue, Jersey City
Jersey City Municipal Court, Court Room 3
Time: 9:30 am (estimated)
Presiding: The Honorable Judge Cynthia Jackson

Related: Grafix Avenger highlighted an angle on the case directly related to the failed SLAPP-suit Beth Mason supported. Of the emails obtained in Bajardi v Pincus, more than 7,000 are between Beth Mason, Richard Mason and the Bajardis. 

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